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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The TV Girl’s Top Five: Marriages

Asian KP I am so sorry this took so long. Has anyone else noticed how few marriages there are on TV, and of those that exist just how few are even remotely admirable? I suppose it is not that surprising; the drama is in the beginning and endings (or so conventional wisdom would have us believe).

Eric and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton), Friday Night Lights
I have no idea how to describe the wonder that is the Taylors. They are, hands down without any reservations, THE BEST married couple on TV currently/in recent history, and I think I could make the argument that they are the best in all TV history. Everything about FNL is direct, honest, and human, and one of the foundations of the show is the respectful, loving, and ever-developing relationship between Eric and Tami. After more or less 20 years together they still lust for each other, challenge each other, listen to each other, annoy each other, and depend upon each other.

Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan), The O.C.
I just love them too much not to mention them. In the realm of soapy-drama-land Sandy and Kirsten stand out as my favorite marriage (sorry Nathan and Haley). Their self-aware “When Harry Met Sally” vibe always created lighthearted balance to the teenage melodrama, and their commitment to one another contrasted well with Julie Cooper’s serial bride syndrome. Despite his eyebrows and her alcoholism you have to love Sandy and Kirsten.

Kara Thrace and Sam Anders (Katee Sackhoff and Michael Trucco), Battlestar Galactica
I am going to sound like I am contradicting myself by putting the horror that is the Kara/Anders union on my list of best marriages on TV. Let me be very clear: I hate Kara and Anders together. She belongs with Lee and Lee belongs with her, and nothing will shake my faith in that. As far as I am concerned Anders was a distraction that she mistakenly married on the advice of Tigh, and does anyone need anymore proof than that to realize that it was a bad idea from the start. But despite my disagreement with it, I appreciate its existence. Kara and Anders are beyond dysfunctional; in a sense they are emotionally abusive to each other. She cheats on him, they lie to each other, and are possibly incapable of having an honest conversation with each other. She only stays with him (and I use that phrase loosely) because the only thing that scares her more than the possibility that Lee doesn’t really love her is the possibility that he does. Anders seems perfectly willing to be a total doormat, but that keeps him as insulated as her. Neither truly sacrifices for the other, and they definitely don’t trust each other. Kara doesn’t get the romantic happy ending with Anders because she is not happy going into their marriage and in that way BSG provides one of the most realistic glimpses of marriage on TV. Marriage is not this magic new life that gives you a whole new personality and emotional reality; the person you are before your marriage and the baggage you carry into your marriage will set the tone and define the outcome, and this all too often seems forgotten (or purposely ignored) when it comes to married couples on TV.

You will notice that I only list three marriages here: I have a feeling that I want to leave this list open for future additions. Who knows what the new season will bring?

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Asiankp said...


With the Cohens, its the whole different backgrounds together thing that I love. Sandy the poor struggling Jew from the Bronx and Kirsten, the richest girl in the O.C. I love that dynamic and absolutely adore how she found what she was missing in Sandy and he in her.

As for the Taylors, well, they are just amazing. Enough said.

Asiankp said...

So...on the recommendation of Patrice, I've started to watch Bones and I actually enjoy it quite a bit. talk about sexual tension/chemistry between booth and bones. almost rivals michael and sara. Almost. In addition to that though, the show is a bit far fetched but well done and the interaction with all the characters and the relationship with booth and bones is definitely quality.

anyway...interested on your thoughts on that show?