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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Comment/Joyous News: Southland

Nothing like awesome news to get me out of my illness and medication induced shell. TNT has made a super brilliant move and picked up Southland, the fantastic show that NBC (otherwise here known as "those douches") decided to not air for a second season.

Those douches get the name those douches not (only) for canceling a well-structured, well-acted, and immensely engaging show, since shows do get cancelled. Those douches are those douches because first they decided to do some format tweaking, then they pushed back the premier date, and then for no apparent reason the show was simply not going to air. Those douches had a chance to air some wonderful television and instead they treated it with less respect than their bottom feeding dating shows. It is understandable that a network would bail on goodness, but do so with some dignity.

TNT is going to air the first season, all 7 episodes, and the produced episodes of the second season, 6 so far, and depending on the rating will decide if we are going to be blessed with more. It is going to be like Christmas in January!

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