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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How I Met Your Mother: 100 Never Looked So Good.

"Girls Vs Suits"

I cannot tell you how much I wanted Rachel Bilson to be The Mother. I adore her; she is funny, cute as a button, and she proved as Summer Roberts on The O.C. that she is fully capable of playing a loving foil to a guy who can get wrapped up in himself. HIMYM better have someone spectacular in store after giving me the possibility that The Mother could be Rachel Bilson and then ripping it away. Not cool HIMYM, not cool.

And just for the record, if I had a roommate who was so indie-quirky-cool, I would have a complex too.

You know what complex I am tired of? Robin's desperate need to be told that she is the hottest girl anywhere. Not saying that Robin isn't very pretty, but for the love of pete, every time this happens Robin seems shallower and shallower. Have a little dignity, like Lily.

But Barney's big musical ode to his suit complex was beyond cool, in the dorkiest of ways. Yay for showcasing NPH's many talents and for making something that can be so artificial (a big musical number in a sitcom) seem like such a natural thing. Of course Barney would proclaim his love for his traditional attire in a traditional rousing Broadway tribute. Barney does all things in style after all. I kind of want to high-five Barney for banging the bartender under false pretenses, because any woman dumb enough to think that problem with her former boyfriends was that they wore suits is just setting herself up to be lied to.

The TV Girl


Moe said...

Thank you thank you tv girl! I am a huge fan of HIMYM, and agree with you on all accounts of your article- Robin especially!

The TV Girl said...

Thanks :)

The TV Girl said...

Moe! I'm sorry, that was such a lame response to your comment.

Thank you so much for reading! I love to find another HIMYM fan. I don't want it to sound like I don't like Robin, I do, but I feel like when they don't have a major story for her (dating Barney/Ted/New Guy, job dissatisfaction, etc.) that they resort to having her act like a ridiculous narcissist.

Again, thanks for reading. Come back soon :)