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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Made a Promise

The summer is here again, and a whole TV season has come and gone with very little commentary from me. Do I not care to write anymore? Have I suddenly developed interests that command more love than that I have for the idiot-box? Has every show sucked so badly that I have no intention of picking up my remote again?

The real question is: do you give a shite?

The answer is no, you don't, and you shouldn't. (The answer to the above questions is no, also, just in case you do care.) Why I have been the world's worst critic and blogger is of no concern. The past is the past, time to concentrate on the future.

So, as I catch up on this last season, I will write up my general thoughts and complaints. As dearly loved summer series air I will do my best to nit-pick and obsess over what could be or what should be. With god as my witness, I will never go silent again.

Oh, and that promise...yikes, I hate this. 4 years ago I made a promise to a friend that when Lost ended I would watch the whole thing. I was trying to be a good friend, give that person the benefit of the doubt, and I did this when Season 2 was getting trashed in reviews, so I thought it would be cancelled that year. Joke's on me. So my big project this summer is to make it through all 114 episodes. I might die. But if I do, my conscience will be clear that I have tried to stand by my commitments.

But I will need lots of breaks from this project with wonderful fluff like Drop Dead Diva.

The TV Girl


KayPea said...

YES!!!! And I heart Margaret Cho but only because she's Korean. hahaha. also, Lost, i'm over it.

The TV Girl said...

I have to admit that I didn't really dig Margaret Cho before, but I love her on DDD.

I have watched 15 episodes of Lost, and I am doubting my resolve to get through it. We can talk at the farm.

The Rowles said...

I am doing the same thing with LOST this summer. Almost done with Season 1 and it is SO annoying! It will be interesting to see if any questions were answered. I watched the 2nd half of this last season, including the finale, so it is sort of interesting to see how it all started!

The TV Girl said...

Mo, I got stuck at S1E15, and haven't watched anymore. I am going to try this weekend to finish S1. How is your Lost project going?

The Rowles said...

I am onto the 2nd season. I start to like it, then I have all these unanswered questions, and then I hate it all over again. Vicious, vicious cycle!