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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: I Think Elena Posses a Good Question

(2.10, "The Sacrifice")

Why should everyone sacrifice themselves for her and she not do the same?

Oh right, because her plan was stupid and wouldn't actually "save" anyone if it had worked.  But still, friends, family, boyfriends, and stalkers should all give some thought to her thesis.  Might make them reconsider some of their life choices.

What am I talking about, no they wouldn't.

And if all and sundry weren't so hell bent on keeping Elena from being Claus' ritual victim, then Stefan wouldn't have gotten stuck in the tomb with Katherine.  How cool was that!  All the plans and spells and self-sacrifice from all parties involved and in the end, because Elena was being dumb, the first solution ended up being the outcome; another vampire had to go in and get it.  And having the audience watch Stefan listen to Damon and Elena's argument was much better than having the viewer watch them argue for a second time in one episode (thought their fight at Slater's apartment was pretty hot).  I think Damon is sincere when he says that he is going to find a way to release Stefan, but it's obvious that Stefan knows that doesn't mean Damon won't flirt with Elena while Stefan is stuck (but by the looks of that preview fidelity isn't on anyone's mind), making this all a very entertaining turn of events.  So, thanks Elena, for being so silly this episode.

I hope Rose isn't gone forever, I like having a character around who isn't particularly involved in all things Elena, but isn't as obnoxiously boring and infuriating as Bonnie.

Speaking of Bonnie, that way to make an insufferable character less so is not to add another equally insufferable character for the first to interact with.  Was I supposed to care that Bonnie accidental/intentionally sucked the life out of witchboy trying to be competent-witch (instead of just regular Bonnie witch-lite)?  Wait, now I don't remember, did Luca live?  Bah, not important either way.  And while Jeremy's attempt to get the moonstone from Katherine without Bonnie straining her feeble witchy power was noble (I guess), I wonder what Jeremy sees that I missed.  She is pretty, but is he into her lively personality, her sense of humor, her unique perspective on world geo-politics, her ability to make more than one facial expression?  What?  It isn't even like she is damaged enough to be all tragic-and-in-need-of-comfort/protection which would make so much more sense for Jeremy since he has a teeny white-knight complex.

Um Tyler, Caroline might be helping you through your werewolf transformation and all, but that doesn't mean she wants to do you.  And Matt is your best friend, so interrupting their "I miss you" conversation (which was so adorable!) was mean on two levels!  I'm trying not to get too annoyed, because life just kind of sucks for Tyler.  He's kind of a dick anyway, and now he's a werewolf, and according to Mason's journal and video being a werewolf is endlessly painful, so he needs all the help he can get, but I would just appreciate it if he doesn't mess with Matt and Caroline, who need to get back together now.

I'm mildly intrigued by what Elijah is up to.

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