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Monday, January 24, 2011

KP Recommends: The Cape

My friend KP left this as a comment on another post, but I didn't want it to get lost, because I think she makes a good point.  I've only watched the pilot of The Cape, but I enjoyed it.  And with what she says (because I trust her taste despite her affinity for Lie to Me) I am totally willing to play catch-up.

The TV Girl

I don't understand the recent hate that The Cape has been getting. Despite some of the pedantic, predictable dialogue, the show has it's purpose and does it well. It's not something incredibly witty nor will it have blow your mind plot lines, but it's a story about your typical superhero (without the campiness too often found in No Ordinary Family) who is fighting to prove to his son that one good man can make a difference. And this is a familiar premise I can embrace and I'm surprised that more people can't or don't.

And on a side note, casting is strong. While I'm on the fence about David Lyons, I love James Frain as the villian, Jennifer Ferrin as the suffering wife and of course, Summer Glau as the mysterious Orwell.


KayPea said...

Thanks friend. However, I've lost complete faith in Lie to Me. It's becoming ridiculous. Or maybe I'm just now grasping it's ridiculousness. As for The Cape, it's just fun. The artistic quality of the show (literally, it's darkness) also reminds me of Christopher Nolan's Batman films.

The TV Girl said...

I agree, I really like the color palate and overall design of The Cape.

Alissa said...

Seriously KP? Lie to Me? As French already knows, I think that is possibly the worst show EVER. I would really question your judgment if I did not already believe in your good taste.