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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Visitor from Barefoot and Pregnant? Welcome!

Okay, I'm being personal again.  Sorry.

A couple days ago my friend Calah gave me a shout-out on her fantastic blog Barefoot and Pregnant and my traffic report is telling me that her wonderful readers have been giving me a glance upon her recommendation.  Thank you Calah love.

Since mine is a really really different type of blog than Calah's I wanted to say hi, and maybe assure you guys that Calah isn't friends with some total nut case.  I'm not sure that reading our respective writing that you would think Calah and I are both practicing Catholics who struggle daily to answer God's call in and through our vocations.  Obviously mine isn't within the realm of marriage and motherhood, but rather single life.  The element of my vocation that I choose to share with the world, on this blog, is my feeling that I am called by God to investigate the created representations of the human soul.  Because I haven't been given the responsibility of forming particular souls, I have the luxury of indulging my endless curiosity, maybe to a degree that is unhealthy...

So it you've come here looking for the insight and honesty about marriage, motherhood and all that that entails, which you find from Calah, that's not so much my deal.  But if you want to know what TV show is worth whatever free time you might or might not have, I can totally help.



priest's wife said...

hey there in tv land...I don't have tv- so I haven't watched anything since Lost finished- I loved it....every minute of it (except Bai Ling- what was that?)--- I see you watch Fringe- should I rent the first seasons??? I know I am not going to be watching it spoiler free- but the only shows I sort of watch are Bones and old Monk...and I need something REALLY GOOD

The TV Girl said...

Bai Ling on Lost had to be one of the worst, but funniest, failures of recent TV. I crack up every time I think about it.

I think if you loved Lost then you will really enjoy Fringe. The stories for the most part are really exciting and creepy, the performances, especially John Noble, are consistently high quality, and it blends dramatic and comic moments really well.

Actually, I think Fringe is a better show than Lost, for a few reasons. One, it deals with a lot of the same themes (father/son relationships, the struggle of our impact on events, the part of memory in our self-definition) but since it is confined to a smaller set of characters, the exploration is richer. Two, for the most part, Fringe operates on the principles of free will, choice and consequence, which I find more dramatically compelling than destiny as a universal principle.

But just to let you know, Fringe is kind of a slow start. It takes a few episodes to find it's voice and footing, but every show has some growing pains. Also, it is gory; people die in icky icky ways in almost every episode. I think it's really cool, but that's not to everyone's taste.

Especially if you don't watch all that much TV, and therefore I assume you don't want to waste your time, Fringe is a great choice to watch.