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Monday, July 21, 2008

My Boys (5): Andy, What Are You Doing?

Really, Andy, what are you doing? I really really don’t want Andy to be having an affair, any kind of affair: emotional, physical, possible. It makes me so angry. When Andy had his kind of strange mid-life crisis thing in Season One and he bought the boat it was an address of the aging process without any harm. Andy is cheating on Meredith and he needs to listen to PJ before he completely ruins his marriage.

Not that PJ is any kind of relationship expert. (I will get to Stephanie in a moment.) What with planning Bobby’s wedding, then telling him at his bachelor party that she invited him to Italy because she had feelings for him, and then kissing his brother Jack after said bachelor party. (And yes, it is hilarious that their names are Jack and Bobby.) I think she should have been a little bit more good-humored about going to Elsa’s shower. Painful and awkward as something might be, there was no reason for her to whine about it.

Poor Stephanie. Being the savior of women by telling them everything that is wrong with men is highly unlikely to make you endearing to men. At least she has material for her next book.

Bless Kenny for living up to all bachelor party stereotypes: bad jokes, cigars, strippers, limos. And it is a testament to the brilliance of Mike as a character (borderline pathetic as he is) that Kenny is not the most ridiculous person at the party.

I hope John hires Brendan to help him with his club. The unemployed are just too sad to watch.

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