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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Boys: You Know What Is Lamer Than Hitting On Waitresses?

That would be hitting on nannies. That is just my personal feeling on the subject.

So, I haven’t written about the last three episodes of My Boys (“Dinner Party” “The Shirt Contest” and “Spit Take”) but don’t let that fool you into thinking that I did not thoroughly enjoy each and every one.

As indicated above, I am not the biggest fan of the Bobby/Elsa relationship storyline, most of all because it makes PJ so sad and uncomfortable. It is really difficult to try and balance in yourself the desire to be a good friend (which means watching out for the best interests of the other) and your own personal feelings (which is especially complicated when those feelings are romantic). Therefore it super sucks that PJ got voted the one to talk to Bobby about his hasty engagement.

But on the other hand, Bobby can go ahead and marry Elsa, because then PJ and Brendan can get together! Well, they should get together no matter what Bobby does. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bobby as a character, but I love Brendan for PJ (and her for him). They are direct and honest with each other, and the way everything has been presented so far, it really seems like PJ will retain herself more with Brendan than she would with Bobby. And she could help him find some health insurance (but what a fantastic portrayal of our insistence on web-based self diagnosis).

While the subtly shifting group dynamics is terribly interesting (after all, group dynamics is one of the main themes of the show), my hands down favorite moment of the last three episodes has to be the “Project Crowley’s” judging: Mike’s backless duel function shirt was hilariously creepy; Kenny’s table cloth poncho that he donned when he ran out of fabric to make the second sleeve was pricelessly illogical (just shorten the completed sleeve!); Bobby’s smug cheating was really just silly because he admitted to it so easily; and Brendan’s duct-tape monstrosity was the perfect physical manifestation of the resulting emotional turmoil when you find out THE ex has moved on (Wendy married a bar owner and is about to have a baby). Not one honest, wearable shirt, but “Project Crowley’s” was an immense success.

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