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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fall Forward: Shows I Am Excited About.

One of my best friends in the world has finally discovered the joy of Veronica Mars. She is obsessed now and I could not be prouder! This made me realize that I really need to be a whole lot more on the ball about updating this blog, because otherwise how are people like her (who has two kids under two years old and no time to waste on shows that suck) know what will fit them best. Because, after all, mine is the only opinion that matters.

In that spirit, here are some of the shows that I want to be able to watch right at this moment, and that I (hope hope hope) I will be able to write about with regularity.


Greek (8/31/09)- Casey and Cappie work it out for the love of pete!

How I Met Your Mother (9/21/09)- Barney and Robin are (sort of ) together, "The Mother" is in this class that Ted is teaching, the goat story is out of the way, and no one should be going on super lame maternity leave this season.

The Big Bang Theory (9/21/09)- This is without a doubt one of the funniest shows on TV. Even the creep factor of Walowitz's little little pants will not be enough to keep me away.

Gossip Girl (9/14/09)- Yes, I am way too old to be watching this show, but when Tuesday morning roles around I always check YouTube for the previous night's episode. What can I say, Blair's headbands are mesmerizing.


V (11/3/09)- I am willing to give this new show about aliens living on earth a chance. I have never seen the 80's original, but the concept sounds interesting, and one of the cast members is a Firefly alum.

Sons of Anarchy (9/8/09)- This is an amazing show. Brutal, uncompromising, and somewhat incestuous, SoA is in no way an easy show to watch. But the performances are amazing, the storylines are layered and thought-provoking, and the events of the second-to-last episode of S1 were the most shocking and tragic I have seen in quite a while.


Glee (9/9/09)- OMG did you watch the pilot of this show! I don't know how to put my excitement into words. Just watch it.


FlashForward (9/24/09)- This new show is maybe a bit too high-concept for me, but John Cho deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Bones (9/17/09)- Even though the season finale was huge cheating lie, I have a very nice Friday morning routine that involves coffee and David Boreanez and I am really unwilling to give it up.

Fringe (9/17/09)- Also part of my Friday morning, this funny and creepy show got better and better as S1 progressed and now I have to know if Walter is ever going to tell Peter that he is actually parallel dimension Peter.

Supernatural (9/10/09)- While I disagree with the casting choice for Lucifer (Wentworth Miller would have been sooooo much better), this is the show that I would pick if someone asked me "if you could only watch one show this year what would it be?"

The Office (9/17/09)- Jim and Pam are getting married!


Dollhouse 9/25/09)- No joke this show was a slow start (which is sad since if you watch the original pilot that is on the DVD you realize that it didn't have to be), but once it got going it proved that there are few other shows as challenging on the air. Addressing upfront the issues of free-will, the soul, ends-versus-means, and moral responsibility, there is nothing comfortable about this show, and it is almost impossible to like any of the characters, but they are utterly compelling.

Southland (9/25/09)- Unbelievably well acted, this documentary-style law enforcement show is gripping and at turns both tragic and hopeful. Apparently there are going to be "tweaks" in the upcoming season, which I think would be a horrible mistake. No change needs to be made that will not be accomplished through organic growth with the characters.

Psych- Episode 4 of S4 is airing this Friday, but I added it to this list because Shawn and Gus always deserve a shout-out.

Wow, this is a lot of TV. Plus, at some point Chuck and Friday Night Lights will be returning, and in November Legend of the Seeker will light up Saturday syndication. Dexter and Mad Men are strictly on DVD shows for me, so I don't have to worry about them. God bless the internet that allows me to space out most of these shows for when I actually have time for them.

The TV Girl


Kay Pea said...

HALLELUJIAH!!! You are back!! I'm so pumped and agree with you on about 8/10. Or wait...maybe 7/10...but we'll chat on that...because you most definitely talked about more than 10 shows...

The TV Girl said...

Happy to be back. Let's hope I can stay with it and not be a total lame-o.

This post has actually 15 shows, I just counted.

KayPea said...

Here's my 2cents (even though you never asked for it-ha)

Greek-never really gave it a chance...but you have never steered me wrong

HIMYM-aces, frenchie, aces.
Big Bang-hating on CBS right now.
GG-meh. its just meh.
V-agreed. looks exciting.
SoA-agreed. i'm with you on all counts. that show is phenomenal. FX who knew you could come up with a winner.
Flash Foward-YES. i'm intriuged although did you ever see an old show called Jericho...not too shabby...FF looks like the same thing but fancier. kinda like they got the money and support to do what jericho was trying to do.
Bones-no matter how crappy it gets, i can't stop watching.
Fringe/Supernatural-i can only do so much sci-fi
The Office-YES.
Psych-Maybe. Its on the Netflix queue.

Pushing Daisies-YES. oh wait, some idiots at ABC decided to pull it. IDIOTS.

KayPea said...

P.S. Did I mention that I heart you?

The TV Girl said...

Oh, RIP Pushing Daisies.

I adore your two cents! I would understand if neither Greek nor Psych really spoke to you. I have never had much luck converting people to my Greek-love. But see how you feel about Psych, I think it is delightful and I got my mom hooked on it.

I never did watch Jericho, I should try the DVDs. And on that note, I wouldn't hold CBS against The Big Bang Theory; I laugh more with this show than almost any other ever, it is so well written. But, it is about sci-fi obsessed nerds, so it may fall into your "too much" category. I know that I am a huge geek and my BF:P has always made fun of my apparently endless appetite for sci-fi.

SO FRAKKING GLAD YOU WATCH SOUTHLAND! I was astounded by how awesome it is. I totally admit that my eternal Ryan Atwood love is what got me to watch.

And I, like you I assume, would watch Jane Lynch read the phone book, I think she is so unbelievably funny.

The TV Girl said...

PPS. I heart you too!