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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


“The Day After”

No joke if I could find a way to reach into my computer and strangle a fictional character I would end the existence of one ex-rich-boy named Evan Chambers. I am sure that there is a rational part of my brain that would say he made a somewhat decent point that Cappie and Casey have certain incompatibilities and that the possibilities of it not working out in the end might be hurtful for future-Cappie, but I don’t care about rational right now.

Okay, I am going to breath and then maybe my brain will be able to form the words that will result in a recap of events. After blowing off his make-up lab to hang out with Jordan at the End of the World Party, Rusty had to enlist Casey’s help to get into the locked lab, because if he didn’t he would fail out of the honor’s physics program. Finding out about this from Dale Cappie decides to help Rusty, who he thinks is acting distant, which is accurate since Rusty is mad at Cappie because he thinks Cappie’s instigation is the reason that Casey broke up with Max therefore causing Max to move back to England (in one night mind you). He helps by sacrificing himself to campus security when all three are about to be caught in the building, but not before Casey sets Rusty right about who-pulled-who-into-the-closet at the party. Dale is feeling guilty about having sex with his girlfriend and decides that the way to make it right for his conscience is to propose to her. Like any good cougar, she breaks up with him. Witnessing his dilemma, Calvin decides to take it slow with Grant, who is adorable btw. Pressured to reveal her mystery hook-up, Rebecca offers to pay the now broke Evan to pretend to be her crush so that no one finds out SHE HOOKED-UP WITH FISHER at the party! Yes, that’s right, Ashleigh’s boyfriend Fisher. And that was happening while Evan was convincing Cappie, who finally decided to take Ashleigh’s sage advice and be with the love of his life, that Casey will dump him at the end of her senior year, frightening Cappie, therefore disappointing Casey’s hopes for a fairy-tale ending.


I am glad that Cappie and Evan are friends again, I think it is best for both of them and that storyline was getting a bit old, but what terrible advice to give. I am so mad.

Not just at Evan. How dare Rebecca and how dare Fisher! Ashleigh is so sweet and kind and she has actually been a friend to Rebecca and a good girlfriend and she doesn’t deserve to be cheated on. Well, no one deserves to get cheated on, but Ashleigh is going to be devastated. At least this time Rebecca seems to feel bad about her not-so-good behavior.

I’m not mad at Cappie for getting scared, since anyone would freak out if someone told them they would end up dumped. And Casey isn’t giving up, so, yay!

Poor, sweet, newly-un-virginal, Dale. At least his downfall has helped Calvin realize that he wants a relationship with Grant and not just sex. Of course, having a real relationship is a bit difficult with Grant still in-the-closet-ish, but at least it is a step towards Calvin’s future happiness. Happiness that is will be the opposite of how Ashleigh will feel.

Now I am getting all upset thinking about how upset Ashleigh is going to be.

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