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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Doctor Who: Series 6 Trailer!!!

I waited until today to watch the trailer for Doctor Who Series 6.  Yesterday had enough joy in it, I need to save some for today.

Apparently we are going to get some forward momentum on the River Song storyline.  I for one welcome this; I would hate for the show to take forever with the coy little I-Know-You-But-You-Don't-Know-Me game that River's got going on since that would inevitably lead to annoyance and disappointment.

Did anyone else see what looked like creepy walking dolls?  Now there is the potential for a really terrifying episode, at least for people like me who are frightened of old-time-y dolls.

And finally, I believe that we are to have the impression that Amy shoots someone.  I'm sure she has a very good reason.

April is going to be an exciting month.

The TV Girl


Calah said...

I cannot wait! I'm so excited. It's unseemly, actually. My newest mission in life is to find a Tardis cover for my Droid, since I have the Eccleston theme song as my ring tone.

The TV Girl said...

I'll admit that my vocal expressions of anticipation are not so much words, but mostly just squeaks.

I love that the Eccleston theme is your ringtone! That is fantastic. Now when I call you it will be extra special, because you'll hear great music and then you'll see it's me.

If a TRARDIS cover doesn't already exist, send a suggestion to ThinkGeek, they will probably make on. And suggest the make an iPhone one as well...

LarryD said...

I'm re-watching the last few episodes of Season 5 with my son - 12 days and counting!

Came here via "Barefoot and Pregnant" - saw the post title and just had to come on by to leave a comment!

And should you be at least mildly interested, here's a post I wrote for The American Catholic on Dr Who - the Original Series.

The TV Girl said...

Thanks for the link Larry, I'm excited to read this! I love that you watch Doctor Who with your son, that is wonderful.

I'm a big fan of "Barefoot and Pregnant." She is ridiculously awesome :)