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Thursday, March 3, 2011



Such a beautiful word. And a beautiful concept.  While my boss and her family are on a week vacation in the Caribbean, KP is currently sitting in her parent’s home nursing a mouth full of freshly drilled cavities.  For some reason, she thought that her vacation time would be well spent getting (much needed and long overdue) dental work done. 

However, this leaves her with plenty of time for her favorite activity.  While you were toiling at work and then rushing home to watch Glee, I’ve decided to take full advantage of Netflix Instant Watch, which is a far better use of time and more bang for my buck.

For those of you with no subscription to Netflix, I suggest: 1.) Get one right now; they are fairly cheap and worth it and 2.) Check back next week when I stop being lazy and actually write about something. 

For those of you with Netflix, I figure I’m doing you a favor by scrolling through the endless pages of TV to Watch Instantly and highlighting a few noteworthy shows, a few guilty pleasures, and even a few surprises. (A side note: A few of those shows, I realize,  are not that worthy but if you can watch them in their entirety without commercials, there’s no harm in trying, right?)

In no particular order and not nearly all of them:

Eli Stone (Complete Series avail)
Scrubs (Complete Series avail)
Battlestar Galactica (Season 1-4.5 avail)
Firefly (Complete Series avail)
Friday Night Lights (Seasons 1-4 avail)
Better Off Ted (Complete Series avail)
Dollhouse (Complete Series avail)
24 (Complete Series avail)
Dexter (Seasons 1-2 avail)
Prison Break (Complete Series avail)
Reaper (Seasons 1-2 avail)
Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-2 avail)
30 Rock (Seasons 1-4 avail)
Party Down (Complete Series avail)
The Riches (Complete Series avail)
The Office (Seasons 1-6 avail)
The Cosby Show (Seasons 1-8 avail)
Bones (Season 1-5--although in my opinion, only 1-3 is worth it)
Pushing Daisies (Complete Series)
Brotherhood (Seasons 1-2 avail)
Psych (Seasons 1-4 avail)
Samantha Who? (Complete Series avail)
Dr. Who (Complete Series, I think? I confess I’ve never seen this show but heard only good things so it’s on this list)
Buffy (Complete Series avail)
Robin Hood BBC version (Complete Series although you shouldn’t waste your time with Season 3)
Mercy (Complete Series--give it a shot)
Weeds (Seasons 1-5)
Fawlty Towers (Complete Series)
.........................and a plethora of reality shows and multiple seasons of SNL....sorry I’m getting distracted by all the stuff I want to watch now.

Did I mention all the Law and Order: SVU that one could possibly handle?

Happy Watching.



Kathleen said...

We love Psyche. We just discovered them on Watch Instantly. Gus is probably my favorite character ever. Sorry to hear about the Dental work, I need to go get my primordial meat-gnashing tooth removed and am avoiding. You must be brave. Oh and hi French.

The TV Girl said...

Hi Kathleen!