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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fringe: Ummm, WHAT!

(3.19 "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" and 3.20 "6:02 AM EST")

So, Bell and Olivia are not cohabitating in her brain so well, and in order to keep her consciousness from disappearing Bellivia, Walter and Peter take some LSD and send their consciousness into Olivia's to find her.  Surprisingly to them, but somehow this didn't shock me too much, Olivia's brain is a hostile place, and everyone tries to kill them, both as regular 3-D people and as really cool animation.  Peter figures out that since Olivia runs and hides when she is frightened, and wouldn't you be frightened if someone shoved their brain into yours, Olivia is hiding in the last place anyone would ever look for her, her home on the military base in Jacksonville.  While zeppelining there, Bell tells Walter that he believes Walter is a different man then when he was young and that he will make the right choices for the future, and Peter unlocks a room where a man he's never seen before is hiding.  Peter finds Olivia, she stands up to her fear of her step-father, and Bell fades away, leaving Olivia as the sole proprietor of her body.  Everyone comes down from their high, and all seems happy, until Olivia tells Peter that the man in the locked room is the man who is going to kill her.  AND if that wasn't bad enough, Walternate uses Henry's (Peter and Faulivia's super cute super baby!) blood to turn on the machine, turning on the machine Over-Here as well, causing wormholes across the eastern seaboard, signaling the beginning of the end, and our heroes are at a loss how to stop or even contain the wormholes.  Nina sends Olivia off to find Sam, hoping he has some way of turning off the machine.  Peter decides to go into the machine to try and turn it off, which despite the pain it causes him, Walter agrees to help him do.  Over-There, Fringe Division registers the energy emissions that are "healing" Over-There and Fauxlivia figures out that Walternate has turned on the machine, despite the fact that it will kill Peter.  Unwilling to accept Walternate's decree, Fauxlivia leaves Henry with Lincoln, breaks into Liberty Island and tries to get Over-Here.  Peter's attempt to go into the machine doesn't go so well, as the machine shocks him into a coma.  Sam finds Olivia, and takes her off to save the world (in the next two episodes).  Fauxlivia didn't make it Over-Here, and is now the new tenant in Olivia's cell.  All in all, really sad for everyone.

Now, we all know that Olivia has some rather enhanced observational abilities, but she know whose going to kill her?  If this guy is locked up in Olivia's mind then it seems like he is someone she knows, but as far as we know she didn't tell Peter that she is convinced a guy she's met before is going to kill her.  But considering that there seems to be no end to the ridiculous bullshit Olivia has to go through, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Olivia does know that there is a man that is going to kill her.  I would think that this is part of next season's story, but who knows, in the last two episodes of this season we might have an answer.

Or we may not even have answers to the questions we have now.  (Or maybe the Lost reference struck too much fear into my heart.  It probably wasn't intended to strike fear, now that I think about it.)  As best I can understand, the machine works by fixing one universe with pieces from the other, which will leave one whole and one destroyed.  (I have to wonder if sheep are really worth 6 billion lives, but I guess I should wait to experience a totally breakdown in the laws of physics before I judge.)  Peter probably couldn't get into the Over-Here machine because Walternate turned on the Over-There machine first, which means Fauxlivia is Over-Here's only hope, but Peter's coma is probably more than a coma, so he might be able to figure it all out.

Even if he doesn't, I have a feeling that Walternate made a HUGE mistake pissing of Fauxlivia.  She just doesn't strike me as a girl who takes kindly to someone trying to kill her baby-daddy and then locking her up in a dark cell.  Olivia just wanted to go home and make the best compromise for everyone, but Fauxlivia is probably going to bust out and go all revenge-y on Walternate.  Plus when Lincoln finds out his dear unrequited love is his boss' captive, I foresee he will take it poorly.

Alright, problems solved, let them take care of it, and Over-Here can live happily-ever-after.

Wow, what an unsatisfying conclusion to this season that would be.  Unfortunately we've reached that point where we just have to wait to see how this season is going to turn out: the big reveal is waiting for us, as soon as all the pieces are in place.

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