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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Internal Debates: If I Could Magic Myself Somewhere

I wanted to write something cheerful for a friend of mine, she is embroiled in a debate over a very controversial issue, and while she is unshaken in her conviction, I think her spirit needs some lightening, just for a moment.

And that is what I'm here for people: distraction!

Well, that, and totally logical arguments supporting my undeniably correct opinions.

So, if I were a character (that did not already exist) on a TV show (that does exist), which show would it be and what would me character be like?

It wouldn't be Chuck; since I cannot be Sarah, as a female character I would end up either evil, heartbroken, or both.   And seriously, what would be the point of being a character on Chuck if I couldn't make out with Chuck?

It would be pretty fun to hang out in Neptune, CA with Veronica Mars, her being of the quick wit and mystery-solving disposition.  But Veronica had a plucky female friend (Mac was the cutest!) and I don't know that I could be an adversary knowing that there was no way I could beat her.

There is a lure in the possibility of being a gun-toting badass on Sons of Anarchy.  If only there wasn't a high likelihood that I would be kidnapped at some point...

I think that I would have to go with... Fringe.

There are obvious reasons for wanting to be a character on Fringe: getting stoned and listening to music with Walter, your job would always be interesting and never really tied to a desk, plenty of travel, maybe getting replaced in someone else's life, pregnancy only takes 9 hours not 9 months, zeppelins.  The drawbacks include impending doom and constant peril, but what is life without a little risk?

But what would my character be like?  What would I do?  Does it not seem odd to anyone else that Walternate has no adversary Over-There?  Yes, Over-Here as an entire universe is his adversary, but is it possible that his control of Over-There is so ironclad?  I think I'll just write myself in as one: scientist, former protegee of the Mad Secretary, after discovering his true nature becomes opposed to his version of events and starts rouge counter-agency to foil his plans.  Kind of like a mirror of the relationship of the ZFT to Over-Here Fringe Division was in S1.  My character would be a bit on the angry side, but resourceful and determined.  Definitely a redhead, Fringe could use that.

This is officially as close to fan-fiction as I will ever come.  Shame.

The TV Girl


Calah said...

You. Are. The. Best.

Seriously. Thanks for making me smile. Additionally, I totally agree. Fringe is the only fictional world where there is left a space for non-enemy good characters.

For the record, I would write myself in as Charlie's love interest who also happens to be a spy from the prime universe, sent by a collaboration of Nina and Bellivia.

And let's be honest, it's just because of my undying love for Charlie. And his worms.

Sidenote: C and I have decided to name our next son Lincoln. How cool is that name? Not to mention, Lincoln Lee is like, the baddest of asses.

The TV Girl said...

So glad it made you smile! I think you are kind of amazing.

I agree, I think Fringe leaves space for new characters that won't necessarily turn out to be enemies, but at certain point other shows don't.

I second you on the undying Charlie love! I dig the spy idea, awesome.

I love the name Lincoln, and think it will be perfect for you guys.

There is something badass about Lincoln Lee..