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Friday, July 8, 2011

Did That Really Happen: Torchwood Promotion

Yesterday I met a friend in Georgetown for lunch.  It was the best way to spend my day off: catching up with someone I hadn't seen in over 2 years, talking about books, her kids, and how gift cards are little ticking time bombs of stress.  So, because the weather was warm but otherwise perfect we decided to get coffee and walk around the ridiculously clean streets of I-Can't-Afford-to-Live-There-Town.

All of a sudden my friend breaks off in mid sentence: "and what is this?"  I look up and tried to get my brain to process what I was seeing.  Coming towards us on the sidewalk is a group of people carrying signs (not an odd sight in DC by any means, protesting is a full time job for some).  What was terribly confusing was that the group were all wearing white face masks with black lines for eyes and mouth, some had teardrops.  Not what you want to see on a brightly lit street early on a Thursday afternoon.  

As we approached each other the signs became easier to read: "Save Us," "Miracle Day."  I chuckled, and my friend and I pointed out to each other the people who were texting or had tissues stuck under their chins.  After we'd passes the group she laughs:

 -So Andrea, that must be about a TV show.

-It is.  It's for a show called Torchwood.  Their new season starts Friday.  I wasn't planning on watching.  It ripped my heart out, stomped on it and then set it on fire at the end of last season.  

-Ah, the trust is broken.

-Very much so.  Plus, I just don't know what to do with a promotion like that.  I mean, WTF?

-No idea.  Wait, what was I saying before? 

I would like to say that Torchwood is a better show than to stoop to off the wall street demonstrations to get people to watch.  It is.  But, on the other hand, yesterday was the most interested I've been in this new season.  More than just willfully ignoring that this season is going to happen, I just haven't cared.  I love Jack and Gwen, but between a whole new set of character to adjust to, the move to America, and the day-of-no-death premise, the combination of circumstances didn't do much for me.

But, I'm almost intrigued enough to see what they've come up with that this is the way they advertise it:

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