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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gossip Girl: Just A Comment

Every Tuesday I search YouTube and piece together the previous night's episode of GG, and while I know there are much better uses of my time, this morning I have been rewarded for my dedication.

Ed Westwick Frakking Rocks!

Bless this boy for totally channelling Robert Pattinson but not making it look like a parody. I actually shed tears when he reached up to take Blair's arm and accept her hug. (Yes, I am a sap.) I can't get over it.

The TV Girl

P.S. Who hadn't figured out that Lily's "secret?" Now the question is whether le-love-baby is currently in corporeal existence?


KayPea said...

yes. i think so. at least i know for a fact that the actress kelly is pregnant.

The TV Girl said...

I know that she is pregnant now, I am sure that if they write it into the show that it will be a big question about who the daddy be. But the big "secret" is that when Rufus and Lily were all young and in love she got pregnant, and he just found out. I hope they incorporate the actress' current pregnancy.

The whole freaking HIMYM cast is pregnant, so wondering what they will so with that.

KayPea said...

HA. Something in the water. Maybe they all went to UD in a past life.
I should never have doubted your intelligence re. Gossip Girl. Of course you would know that she is preggers. My bad.