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Sunday, December 7, 2008

What A Year It Has Been: Huge Disappointments

Nothing is truly perfect, and TV is no exception to this rule, but sometimes the line between acceptable flaw and major problem is crossed (and/or crossed back and/or crossed again). In my opinion TV, and faithful viewers, took some heavy blows in 2008:

1) Marshal Erickson's hair: How I Met Your Mother
I adore this show, but it physically pains me to look at Jason Segel's head. Where is the hair of Season One? Where is whomever who is being paid to pay attention to things like the total style nightmare that has grafted itself atop his noggin and looks like any second it is going to spring to life having sucked out his brain?

2) Cancellation: Pushing Daisies
Everyone who saw this show is upset by it's cancellation. But it is all the more disappointing when total crap like Desperate Housewives continues to pollute society.

3) Preaching: Bones
I gave up on this show. I have what I have on DVD and I am content to get my fix that way. I don't know when Hart Hanson and Co. decided that they no longer wanted to produce a show that balanced the points of view of the main characters, but I have no interest in tuning in for Bones/Emily's soapbox. Boring. And ungrateful to your audience.

4) The wasting of Jessica Walter: 90210
I cannot believe that a show producer that has the opportunity to be blessed with the genius that is Lucille Bluth could be stupid enough to make her second banana to a bunch of wooden, dull, and horrifically skeletal teenagers. Have Grandma take Annie under her wing and the whole show could get an infusion of personality. It still would suck, but at least it would be alive.

5) Hiatuses: Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural
I just feel so adrift and aimless when I lack new episodes. Okay, so this is a problem contained neither to these shows, nor to 2008, but this year with these shows it all seems like a vast conspiracy to make my life miserable.

The TV Girl

Wait, there are more!

I thought of something I had to add.

6) Passion-less Sex: Supernatural
Don't get me wrong, I think Dean Winchester is like the hottest thing on the block. But his sex scene with Anna Milton in "Heaven and Hell" (the mid-season finale) completely and totally lacked chemistry. Sadly, it looked like what it was; two strangers doing it (for pretend) because they were supposed to. And in the Impala: BLASPHEMY! Considering how many problems I have with this particular episode, maybe this is a minor quibble. Except, it's not. You couldn't find a girl who could manage to look like she wanted to have sex with him? I find that hard to believe.


Kay Pea said...

I almost crapped myself when i saw the new postings. thank you. thank you. THANK YOU. i miss you and your wit.

and...I'm totally PISSED about Pushing Daisies. ABC is basically full of crap now. case in point, the recent grey's anatomy storyline/entire show is such a total crock of the grossiest crap you have ever smelt in your life continues to run. I'd say 2008 was a huge disappointment. Although I must say that Prison Break seems to be getting better little by little.

The TV Girl said...

I miss you too! I missed my wit to the point where I had to start writing again. Kidding. Kind of.

I so need to catch up on Prison Break, but from the little snip-its I see on TVWoP, everyone is kind of in agreement that it is going well this season.

ABC can suck it. Those people are morons.

Please tell me you saw the parody of the current Grey's Anatomy storyline on The Soup? If you haven't please look it up, it is a two minute justification of why I hate this show.

And if Jeffery Dean Morgan is doing any dead-guy moonlighting it should be as John Winchester damn it!

KayPea said...

Do you watch You can watch almost all the episodes of any show on there...except House is posted 8 days after it originally airs and ABC doesnt put their shows there...but you know probably already know all this.
I'm going to watch the parody right now...