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Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday Night Lights (9): I Never Thought I Would Miss Texas…

But that big sunny sky looked awfully inviting considering that it is below freezing in the greater DC area.

Actually, everything looked inviting about Dillon, because it has been so long. I know that there are ways to find and download the episodes of S3 that have already aired on DirecTV, but I am a purist, I waited until NBC decided to give me back my Panthers.

And I like so many, have to ask who the Panthers are without Smash. For him to have fought so hard for his college scholarship, and then to have his mother’s worst fears come true is just heartbreaking. Not to the same degree as Jason, and I am immensely proud of the show that Smash’s decision to continue working with Coach Taylor, and to try to regain his dreams, didn’t arise from a conversation/inspirational speech from Jason. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Jason, and I cheer for every one of his inspirational speeches. It just would have been so cheep for him to say something to Smash like “well, at least you can walk” and for Smash to cry and decide he would play football again. The show is like Coach Taylor: there is no easy way out, you have to work for it.

It seems that hard work is in everyone’s future. While Billy’s proposal to Mindy might be one of the funniest things I have ever seen on TV, Tyra’s terror was anything but. I am going to go a bit in the face of general opinion and say that I think Tami’s devotion to Tyra is a bit disproportionate considering just how much guidance Julie needs. Her own daughter manipulates and disobeys, and Tami says that it is partially her fault because she is overextended, but then she just takes on more responsibility. I find it strange and a bit off-putting.

Guess what I found not off-putting? TIM AND LYLA! I have no desire for Tim Riggins to be any less badass than he is, and I don’t think that is really possible, I think part of what makes him so endearing is just how much he loves Lyla. Therefore, them together as a real couple is, in my opinion, the start of something that could be fantastic. I want to remember for all time Buddy’s face when he saw them kissing. I wonder what it would look like if he knew that there had been some sleepovers at his apartment?

Before I do what I am afraid the good people of Dillon are about to do, let me beg and plead that the precious Matt Saracen not be forgotten. Dallas McDouchee can shove it as far as I am concerned: Matt was not a placeholder between Jason and the arrival of his son. Coach Taylor is obviously one of the best men ever, and saw right through that creep, but I just have this sinking feeling in my heart that things are not going to go well for Matt, who just deserves good things in life. I’m worried.

But so happy that it is football season again.

The TV Girl

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KayPea said...

Amen. I am so glad that you are posting again. I missed my TV Girl desperately. I completely agree about the whole Tami-Tyra-Julie thing. She is so invested in Tyra when it is clear that Julie could benefit from her mother's love and guidance...I'm not really sure what Tami sees in Tyra but its weird. Its also weird that she is principal now...that is some wacked out plotline to be sure. On a side note, I love how baby gracie is still around...I know some shows with new babies on them just offhandlying mention the baby sleeping somewhere but its nice to see her in the midst the Taylor household.

tim and lyla=hot. and makes great TV. It looks like Buddy gained some weight but who am I to judge.
welcome back and YEAH!