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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random Comment: The “That Guy” Moment.

You know there are those actors/actresses that show up on what feels like everything, and you know where you have seen them before, but most likely you cannot remember his/her name? You point and yell “that guy” or “that chick” and whomever you’re with is either stuck in the same face-but-not-name-recognition scenario, or shakes their head at you and mumbles under their breath something that sounds like “needs a real life.” A “That Guy” moment is not always a happy experience: sometimes it is someone you want to see, other times you want to call the casting director of your favorite show and ask them why they hate you so much.

My current favorite “That Guy” is Billy Burke. I was sitting in Twilight wracking my brain trying to figure out where I had seen Charlie before (can you tell how much attention I was paying to the movie?) and it wasn’t until almost the end that I realized he was Jack from My Boys! You know, Bobby’s brother that PJ sort of started seeing and slept with right before Bobby came to tell her that she was really the woman he should be marrying? What a difference a mustache makes. And then, where should he show up, but on an episode of Fringe I was watching online the other night? Crazy! While I am fairly sure that he will not be reappearing on Fringe (which is a shame, since that show will die a swift and painful death when someone makes the bad call that Olivia and Peter should be romantically involved), I don’t know how the current situations on My Boys will be resolved in the coming season without Jack’s involvement.

Yay, more Billy Burke! At least most likely.

Anyone else have a current favorite “That Guy” or “That Chick?” Or a current least favorite?

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KayPea said...

OMG. I have those moments all the time. I can't think of one in particular but I can name several random ones. And you are going to hate the day you asked this question:

#1: During an episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I noticed one of the bikers looked so familiar. Turns out it was Norris, the bully from one episode of Veronica Mars. He then showed up later that day in a random episode of Bones. Then AGAIN in a re-run of Grey's Anatomy. The culprit: Theo Rossi.

#2 David Anders Neville. He shows up in this new show I'm watching called Lie to Me. Desperately trying to place his face and finally it dawns on me. HEROES as Hiro's hero, Kenzi.

#3 Francis Capra. Another VM alum. He shows up in Sons of Anarchy and Heroes as well. There seems to be a concurrent theme through my "that guy" moments.

#4 This is possibly THE MOST RANDOM of my "that guy" moments. I was watching the SAG awards and noticed this vaguely familiar guy escorting Marisa Tomei. I knew that scowl and finally it dawned on me. Ryan's brother Trey from The O.C. I immediately wikipedia'd him and found out that it was indeed Trey (Logan Marshall-Green) and he is indeed dating Marisa Tomei who is "10 years his senior."

I suppose thats enough for you can tell I may suffer from the "too much television" disease.