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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday Night Lights: Living in Texas Should Be This Good

If your not watching Friday Night Lights, you should be. For beginners I would suggest going to E-Online’s “Watch With Kristin” column because she had a great article on which characters from FNL resemble other iconic TV characters, and she is fairly spot-on. If you don’t know anything about the show, or how to get into it, her advice will help. I rely on her for all my gossip and predictions. But, back to my point. Two days ago Tim Riggins went to tell Lila Garity that he still loves her, he brought her flowers, but she was kissing another guy (who happened to be Logan from Gilmore Girls, but anyway). Tim and Lila are meant to be together, and not because they are sweet and perfect. If you want that look to Matt and Julie of season one, but on to Matt in a minute. Tim and Lila are the couple that need each other because their lives just aren’t right without each other. Now, she cheated on Jason with Tim (and I have to say that I have never been Jason’s biggest fan, but these couple weeks without him, or with just a role on appearance, have made me realize that he brings a lot to the show, and I miss him.) and Tim is not the most responsible, or sober, guy, but they have a Buffy and Angel kind of necessity to them. The thing is, there isn’t otherworldy drama imposed upon them. They are real, flawed human beings. I can’t wait for next week, when (according to the preview) Riggins does declare himself. Everything is working against this kid, I love to see him fighting for something.
But Matt Saracen, how do I feel about you? The return of Landry/Matt banter was so welcome I could have cried. One of my favorite things about television is guy relationships and Landry/Matt are like in my top five favorite bromances of all time. How could Landry not know Matt was getting a whole lotta lovin from Carlotta? (Did anyone else question the ethics of an in-home care nurse having sex with the grandson of her patient, because I sure did.) The fact that Landry didn’t know anything about what Matt was doing really solidifies in my mind that Matt/Carlotta was not a good thing. I don’t want him back with Julie (she is kind of driving me nuts) and the cheerleader earlier this season was annoying, so maybe Matt should concentrate on football for a while.
I’m still pondering what I think about Smash and Noelle. It’s a tougher situation, and I hope they don’t just drop the storyline entirely.

Shout Outs:

Besides our old Gilmore friend Logan, a Veronica Mars alum grace FNL. And that was Weevil. I really hope that this guy can move out of what seems to be type-casting, because he is really funny. Even if he was playing the same kind of character, it was really good to see him.


Asiankp said...

Interesting. I guess I should start watching this show. You are the 6th person in the span of 2 days to tell me how good it is.

The TV Girl said...

I didn't believe it until I tried it, but now I can't get enough. (Do I sound like I'm talking about drugs?) The first season is only twenty dollars at target.

Asiankp said...

20 bucks?? Hmm...not sure about that?

the drugs...i'm sure about. i'll take those.

The TV Girl said...

Its so cheap it leaves plenty of dolla left for the drugs. There is no reason life is an either-or situation...