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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Smallville (0): Please Explain



Asiankp said...

HOLY SHIT...I LOVE IT. not one but 3 posts! i really do enjoy your writing Frenchy...
and...not to sound redundant but I had the exact same thought about smallville...i thought that shit was cancelled and that Tom Welling was on to bigger and better Cheaper by the Dozen.

Asiankp said...

also, search wikipedia for One Tree Hill Season 5 and you should be able to get all those characters names.

The TV Girl said...

Oh KP, so much smarter than me. I would never have thought to look at wikipedia, so thanks for saving my ass. I love reading your comments (and your bolg, it rocks). I go to work and read your comments and just crack up. My officemates think I'm demented.
I am so glad someone else is wondering along with me. Why, why, why is this crappy crappy show still on? Tom Welling can go sell used cars in Buffalo for all I care, or star in Cheaper by the Dozen 3, I just want this show to die! I think I get a bit too angry about this, but its such a bad show!