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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Rating System: What Kind of Show Am I Talking About

So my dear friend KP has brought to my attention, via her comments on my posts, that I am not really making any distinction in the types of shows I’m writing about. Since I began this endeavor saying that there is a degree of quality to TV, then I should really be clear about what I think the quality is of the given show I’m writing about. It is really easy for me to take very seriously things that aren’t worth that much thought, so to check myself, and to make it easier for you, I have decided to make the rating system.

The Guilty-Pleasure: 3
A show that you know you shouldn’t watch, but you do.

The Why-Not: 4
A show that you spend a weekend with; your not sorry you watched it, but won’t re-watch it.

The Entertaining: 5
A show that is fun to watch but you shouldn’t take too seriously.

The Decent: 6
A show that has really good elements, but it doesn’t hold your interest over a long period of time.

The Good: 7
A show that is well done overall, but it doesn’t hurt if you miss it.

The Excellent: 8
A show that both deals with and leads you to think about more serious themes/issues, and you follow regularly. This doesn’t mean that it has to be all self-aware and dramatic in treatment, actually it’s usually better when it isn’t.

The Amazing: 9
A show that is so well done, interesting, and heart-capturing you never want to miss it.

The Life-Changing: 10
A show that is so amazing it well, changes your life.

These categories are not set in stone: I may find someday there are more; there are times when they shift and change over the course of a show; and almost every show has that one episode that defies expectation and precedent. But from now on I will put my rating next to the show title in the title of each entry. If there are any disagreements with my categorization of a show I would love to hear it (since virtue untested isn’t virtue at all).

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Asiankp said...

FINALLY. thank you. I have yet to find a 10 show...