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I guess you would like to know a little bit about the person making all these proclamations upon good taste and horrid characters. I'm Andrea and when I was 15 I fell in love. An hour after meeting "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" I was forever altered in the way only love can, and I never questioned for one minute afterwards that television offered me an amazing chance to experience lives and moments that I could never imagine. So now, when I'm not getting distracted by my real life, I write about TV. I also read, am finishing a Master's degree in English Literature, travel, am attempting to learn vegan cooking, am the 5th of 6 children, and drive my roommate nuts by constantly cleaning our already clean apartment. Now that we're old friends, time for you to take my opinions as the be all and end all.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Welcome TV Lovers

It was brought to my attention by many people that I know more about television shows than any healthy person should, and that I like fictional characters more than I like most actual human beings. Therefore, welcome to The TV Girl, where I will share with the world the hidden depths of shows you think you know, the joy of shows that make your week worth it, and the shows you missed. There are of course different types of shows; the guilty-pleasure, the distraction, the enjoyable, the fun, the decent, the good, the better, the amazing, and the life-changing. I have favorites in all categories, but I don't discriminate against a show just because it isn't in the same league as another.
I know that there is a writer's strike on, so this may seem like a really odd time to start a page about television. While I won't be able to write about season finales in the foreseeable future, but for me this is the perfect time to start. First, I have the time to talk about the shows that may have long since passed but are still very much alive in my heart (Buffy will never die for me). Second I get to catch up on shows that conflicted or broadcast on networks I don't have. I'm old-school, bunny-ears and a VCR, so TV on DVD and free online shows have really improved my existence.
There is something you everyone should know before they give me any more of their time. The shows I love, I love and I stick with them. The shows I ignore, I ignore and I have no guilt about it whatsoever. Aside from the occasional rant, I don't devote any attention to Grey's Anatomy ( I dabble in Private Practice for Chris Lowell), Desperate Housewives, Lost, any CSI's, most procedurals, most reality, and any game shows (don't fool yourself American Idol and Dancing With the Stars are game shows). In the end most things come down to taste, but there is so much TV out there to love I am not going to waste my time with what doesn't appeal to my taste, and you shouldn't either. For lover's of the above shows, I hope someone writes a page for you.

The TV Girl

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