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Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Boys (6): Bobby?

In the Season One finale there were seven possibilities of whom PJ could have invited to Italy, and in the Season Two premiere on Thursday the audience, and Stephanie, finally found out the identity of the lucky guy. (In all honesty, “finally” for me was about a 16-hour wait.) I am usually hesitant to believe that cliffhangers and guest stars are a likely combination, so I discounted Thorn the long lost love, Evan the botanist, or Matt the cute former Cub, as realistic possibilities for her traveling partner. Neither Mike nor Kenny as her Italy buddy would have provided any forward momentum for the show. So in my thinking, Brendan and Bobby were they only viable options, and I have to say, I kind of wish it had been Brendan.

Especially because Brendan probably would have figured out that PJ intended for Italy to be a romantic vacation, which entirely escaped Bobby. Not that PJ and anyone would have had much time to themselves considering that Stephanie broke up with Lance within 24 hours of the plane landing. Still Bobby seems determined not to reopen the him/PJ door.

And if Bobby had still been in Chicago, Kenny would not have been worried about his whereabouts, who could have concentrated all his efforts on keeping Mike from sleeping with Terry they waitress, and then they wouldn’t have been banned from the bar. I laughed immensely to see how (shall I say) disorderly this little group is without PJ there to guide them towards better choices. She would have shut down “The McConaughey” immediately, and no one would have ended up drinking beer in Andy’s SUV.

There was no metaphor in this episode. Either the show is tweaking the format in order to encourage more viewers, which I think would be a mistake, or they are running out of baseball scenarios appropriate to relationships. I missed the metaphor.

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