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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thought

I like to know when shows are coming out on DVD, because then I know exactly how long I have to wait before I can watch the latest season of a particular show in one sitting and how to budget my paychecks. Yesterday I happened to be perusing Target online and found, much to my joy, the release date for Supernatural Season Three. (I added it to the list to the right.)

The cover is kind of, odd. Not bad, just odd. I showed it to my friend Calah, and she too noticed that there was something odd about it. For two seasons Dean has been pictured in front of Sam (height issues and all), but this one is the opposite (and uses near shots, so height is irrelevant). There is nothing wrong with the cover (someone would have to try really hard to make it bad), it is just slightly surprising.

Calah wondered allowed the rational behind the choice. In a sense, speculating on this topic verges a bit too close to Da Vinci Code territory for me, so I won't. But I will let myself be puzzled.

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