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Monday, June 9, 2008

My Weekend Fling: Weeds, Season Three (0)


I don’t actually want to be any more articulate than that.

I will try. Truncated and incoherent storylines. Repetitive and stagnate characterization. The actor who plays Shane is too old for his pudding bowl haircut. Too much Celia (she is one banshee that can only be taken in small doses).

The most glaring and fundamental problem with this season is that the “other Mrs. Scottson“ plot had the unfortunate consequence of forcing the viewer to ask the question that the viewer has to knowingly and actively avoid asking, because if the viewer does so, the entire premise falls apart. I am not being any more explicit because Season One of this show is worth watching, and I don't want to ruin it but being more clear. It would have been nice if they had not done themselves in, but so be it.

I have no more inclination to expend any more energy on such a pointless and unfunny collection of episodes. I am going to go back to my first reaction.


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