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Friday, June 20, 2008

Random Thought

I would like to take a moment to talk about something of absolutely no consequence. It is that fact that I could not be happier that I am getting older. This is not to say that I do not indulge in shows which concentrate on a time in life I have long passed; though high school is years behind me, I still thoroughly enjoy Gossip Girl. What I mean is that there are certain things that saturate our "culture" that I do not understand, do not want to understand, and know will be over with soon enough.

Specifically, I am talking about the Jonas Brothers, and I am doing so because their TV Movie Camp Rock premiers tonight, which I am sure you know if you have turned on your tv, opened a web page, or basically not been in a coma for the now weeks long media blitz Disney has subjected the American public to. I have never heard any of their music, never seen anything but still photos and commercials of them, so maybe my opinion is unfounded, but I do not get it at all. And I am not thirteen, so there is no way that I could.

I have seen, and in a sense liked, both High School Musical movies, and I have no moral outrage regarding Hannah Montana (hell, I am old enough to remember when ol' Billy Ray was popular in his own right), but people are acting like these little twats are the reincarnation of Motzart. I have one word for that: Hanson.

And that one word is why I am happy to be getting on. I am able to see the path this will take. Right now three badly coifed "rockers" (okay I did not get that out with a straight face) are the most exciting thing for those on the shy side of a training bra, but as their fan base moves into "angsty" phase, their "much anticipated follow-up" album will tank, and all those glossy posters and notebooks will follow in the discarded merchandise footsteps of all the previously overhyped and limitedly talented/appealing bands before them.

Then, years from now, there will be some other girl sitting at her laptop wondering vaguely on a boring Friday morning why thirteen year olds are unable to see the pattern they are a part of, and smiling (just a bit smugly) about how wonderful it is to be way beyond thirteen.

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