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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How I Met Your Mother: Why Hello Old Friend, How Have You Been?

( Season 6, Episode 1, "Big Days")

I try to be an honest person, so in that spirit, HIMYM and I parted ways last season.  The last episode I watched was "Girls Vs Suits" and I loved it.  From all I've read and heard, S5 wasn't the best, but I didn't break-up with this show out of disappointment or boredom.  It's more like HIMYM and I took separate vacations; some time apart to remember the love.

This is a long way of explaining that I have no idea who Don was and why Robin could possibly be so upset that they broke-up, and no idea that Marshall and Lily had decided to try and have a baby.  But isn't that the joy of love, that despite some distance you can always go back?

Okay, I will stop doing my Ted impression.

I did enjoy the S5 premier, and am glad to re-enter HIMYM to my weekly rotation.  I'm happy to know that even if we don't know who The Mother is, we at least are getting a clearer picture of when and where we are going to meet her.  I adore that Cindy was redeemed by finding the person she is happy with, and (as a character) was not left in the heap of Ted's-exes-that-are-bitter-and-crazy.  I applaud Barney for giving Robin the insensitive criticism she needed to at least wash the hair she insisted on eating food from.

And if anyone could ever for a second debate that Marshall and Lily are an amazing couple, please re-watch their conversation at the end of the episode.  People who should have babies are the people who would be happy with each other even if they couldn't be (natural) parents.  Again, amazing.

HIMYM, thanks for taking me back.

The TV Girl


Nat said...

Lily and Marshall are the perfect couple- I want to have what they have :)

It was a great season opener, very funny and really getting back to basics.

KayPea said...

Couldn't agree more. I stopped watching HIMYM last season and then Netflix'd season 4...fell in love again and found season 5 online. I'm back in the saddle as well...

On a random note, how do you feel about Jennifer Morrison (aka. Cameron from House aka. I think you are not a fan) joining and playing a potential "mother"?

The TV Girl said...

Nat, exactly, back to basics, and I am so thankful for it. I want what Marshall and Lily have in my life too, but until that happens, I'll just live vicariously through them ;)

KP, I'm not Jennifer Morrison's biggest fan, but I did like her in Star Trek for those five minutes, and while I don't know anything about her character, aside from that she might be the Mother, I can see how a character she would play would be the kind of woman Ted marries.

KayPea said...

True. Although I'm a little nervous for her to take a stab at comedy. I just don't think she can do it.

The TV Girl said...

Yikes, you are probably right. This could go poorly.