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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Vampire Diaries: Seriously, Bonnie, Shut Up!

(Season 2, Episode 2, “Brave New World”)

In short, Damon knows something is up with the Lockwood men and he wants Stefan’s help to figure it out.  Caroline is a vampire, and Matt loves her, so she is going to try and control it.  Elena and Jeremy aren’t terribly committed to their anti-Damon plan, since both cave and have conversations with him about the future.  Stefan and Elena enjoy a sweet kiss on a Ferris wheel, living their lives in preparation of the trouble headed their way courtesy of the currently MIA Katherine.  Oh, and Bonnie is a bitch.

I can’t stand Bonnie.  While it is cool that she can set people/vampires on fire with the power of her mind, she is such a preachy brat.  SHE IS THE REASON CAROLINE IS A VAMPIRE!  It was her idea, her insistence to give Caroline Damon’s blood, so, by the chain of causality, it is her fault that the carnival worker that she shared two words with (and seemed extremely upset over his demise) got all drained and un-alive.  Maybe Bonnie can go on another vacation, go bore someone else with her self-righteous prattle.

Caroline on the hand, is pretty sweet as a vampire.  She took on Damon without insecurity or self-pity, a great display of a former victim asserting her power to her former victimizer.  Plus, if anyone is anal retentive enough to control blood lust, I think it’s Caroline, and now she knows that Matt is in love with her, so she has a good reason to not be all murder-y and therefore she may live a bit longer than supposed.  Do I detect a hint of future kissing between faithful Stefan and remade Caroline?

I mean, if TV has taught me anything, nothing spells doom for a couple like a Ferris wheel. 

The TV Girl 


KayPea said...

For a second there, I was like, "Whoa...Bonnie Ryan reads Frenchie's blog?" Hahaha. I should really start watching this show...

On another note, Monday was pretty rad. I am still in love with Chuck and Chase was not terrible, but not great. I hope it gets better...plot was weak and dialogue was atrocious. The Event seemed like Lost and V mixed together. But I'll still watch and ignore the obviously ridiculous stunt casting of a Blair Underwood as President. What else? Couldn't sit through Lonestar even though I wanted to watch for Adrienne Palicki's sake...I dont even think I spelled her name right...ANYWAY...just wanted to throw that out there...

The TV Girl said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAA, KP, it didn't even occur to me that character Bonnie and our real-person Bonnie could be confused. I mean, I wish Bonnie read me, but lord I hope she doesn't think I would ever tell her to shut up. Damn limited number of names in the English language.

But you should totally watch this show. It takes a few episodes to get on it's feet in S1, but it is so damn entertaining.

Yay for Monday! I'm watching Chuck today (I was out and missed it), and I watched The Event, and honestly I was totally bored, but I will give it a few more episodes. I hope for your sake Chase gets better :)

I cannot even try Lonestar and it's totally stupid, but that guy looks like a younger Kyle Chandler to me, so every time I see a picture from the show my brain starts screaming "excuse me Tyra Collete but why are you all kissing on Coach Taylor! Stop!" I don't want to be doing that for an hour, not when I could be watching, well, anything else.