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Monday, September 27, 2010

Top 5: Cops I Would Want to Save Me

Like always, Jennie and I were talking (we are always talking, just ask her poor husband), and yesterday's topic was FBI agents on TV you would want to hook-up with.  So this got me thinking about how there are a plethora of cop (in the broadest sense of the term) shows, but if (a fictional) I were in (fictional) danger, who would I want to (fictionally) investigate my case and eventually save me?  (Obviously, fictional me has been either wrongly accused of some dastardly deed because of a vast and nefarious conspiracy, or has been  unwittingly targeted by a madman.)  This is of course a list based on (fictional) me being involved in a (fictional) local incident, not international (that would require spies), and (fictional) me wanting my (fictional) situation resolved within the bounds of the law, and therefore badges required.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, The X-Files
With these two I feel that no matter the circumstances I could be returned to my family and friends intact:  Mulder has the openness to follow the case no matter how strange it may become, while Dr. Scully could treat any injuries I might sustain, so I wouldn't bleed out on the way to the hospital.

Kate Beckett, Castle
Not only do I trust that Beckett would get the job done, since she is one smart chic and does not accept failure, but also, after she saves me we could go shopping and she could show me where she buys those super-comfy sky-high heels that she manages to run in while after bad guys.

Seeley Booth, Bones
Should necessity arise, I will gladly accept the assistance of a former Army snipper with an excellent ability to read people and the unending patience to put up with all the crazy around him in order to get to the truth.  In fact, I would be quite grateful for that assistance.

Keith Mars, Veronica Mars
Ethical, determined, awesome sense of humor: Keith Mars has the knowledge of the underworld (from his PI days between stints as the sheriff of crime-ridden Neptune CA.) to navigate avenues beyond traditional police work, but the upstanding nature to see that justice would be done, for (fictional) me.

Olivia Dunham, Fringe
With her combination of tenacity, cool discernment, receptivity to the impossible, and psychic ability, Olivia is practically a superhero, and would be my best chance of getting home alive in the event that something truly bizarre happens to me, but I demand that it be this-universe-Olivia assigned my case, because I don't trust alternate-universe-Olivia one bit.

And just for good measure:
Gibbs, NCIS
He's the most alert cop around, and no pesky thing like sleep would be distracting him from assuring my safety.  Who doesn't want that?

The TV Girl


The Rowles said...

100% yes on Mulder and Scully!

The TV Girl said...

Love to find more X-Files fans!

Alissa said...

Is there anything that Keith Mars can't do? He's kind of my hero.

The Rowles said...

About your tv boyfriends post- I am watching Justice with Jimmy Smitz. Its kinda the same old same old lawyer drama, but I like him in it. I loved him in Dexter. I guess you could say its an older man crush;)