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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bones (6.5): Awkwardness in the Non-Awkwardness.

Why on earth was there an entire episode (“The Man in the Outhouse”) where Hodgins and Angela where walking around like nothing happened?

I should probably be more forgiving since the focus of the episode’s personal aspect was the impossibility of simply replacing someone you have lost with another who is capable of fulfilling the same function. I am still not happy about Zach’s absence, but I do appreciate that his previous presence is being respected.

Back to my point: the this-is-the-part-where-we-normally-kiss moment seemed overdue. Hodgins and Angela should have just been kept out of scenes together if the producers where going to delay recognizing how uncomfortable it should be for them to work together. And now that I have that gripe out of my system, can I just say how much I love angry-Hodgins! I missed the conspiracy-theory-spouting-and-tirade-prone-Hodgins, because he was way more fun than happy-Hodgins.

But how unfortunate that Mac’s last boyfriend Max (from Veronica Mars) went on to be a dog-fight-organizing murder. At least when Beaver was a guest on this show he wasn’t the murderer.

I got choked up when Brennan started crying for Ripley. I was already a little teary-eyed about Booth telling Parker than when it is for yourself you walk away but when it is for someone else you stay and fight.

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Kay Pea said...

NICE. Although I have a theory. I have since taken to reading quite a few websites and spoiler blogs regarding shows and I think that the producers of Bones had several episodes written and shot that were to air at the end of Season 3 and not the beginning of this new season. Since the strike happened, they were forced to air the episodes slightly out of order which may explain the whole ignoring of Angela/Hodgins awkwardness. Therefore, I believe this last episode was to be a part of Season 3 but because of things, they were forced to air it awkwardly.
I have to say though that I dont feel that Brennan's concern for this dog really fit her character. As a woman who sees horrific things done to humans every day, it was far fetched to think that she would be so emotional about a dog especially since she is not to emote naturally. I felt it was completely out of place. Perhaps this is the beginning of a new and sensitive, emotionally aware Dr. Brennan and if so, then great. But if not, then it was a bit ridiculous. I have heard that Emily Deschanel is now a producer on the show and being an animal rights activist and a vegan, she may have pushed for the episode and her character to react the way she did. But I hate when shows become about the actor's causes rather than the characters storyline.
However, it was lovely to see Max in the show. I've actually counted at least 10 or more Veronica Mars characters to show up in Bones episodes. Its really very fun and definitely intruiging. Perhaps someone who did casting for the CW moved to the Fox network...

Kay Pea said...

PS. Any thoughts on Fringe? I've avoided it like the plague seeing as my last interaction with Joshua Jackson caused me suffer from ridiculous accusations, but I hear its doing well...