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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prison Break (6): This Shit Has Gone International!

I can’t say that I really think “Shut Down” and “Eagles and Angels” rank as the most exciting/intriguing episodes of this series ever, but I am a fan of the way this season is progressing. Apparently, the Company is not contained to the United States, but at least encompasses Turkey, and China knows about it. The boys and Sara have a way of tracking down the other five card-holders, and already have a copy of a second one, so only four more to go. FBI dude has proved himself to be willing to give as much as he expects from Michael and Co. They are now aware of T-Bag’s presence, thereby integrating the two storylines. There is plenty to be pleased about.

Including, addressing my earlier concern, I am pleased to find that Lincoln does have a heart in there; his compassion towards Mahone upon finding out that his son (but not his wife, I apologize for assuming so) has been murdered restored my faith in Linc as a character.

Also, methinks that when the Chinese assassins arrive looking for “Cole Pheiffer”/Whistler and find T-Bag that his little charade will come crashing down soon after. I wonder if he knows what happened to Jack Bauer when he fell victim to such hostile enemies? (Do fictional characters know about other fictional characters?) While I enjoy T-Bag as Michael’s nemesis, I cannot imagine a punishment appropriate enough for him. I mean, he ate some guy two episodes ago!

While it was painful to watch, Sara’s brush with falling off the wagon was something I have thought was missing so far. Considering what she has been through, there needed to be either a vocal recognition of her fortitude in resisting her previous coping patterns, or she needed to turn to the bottle. So happy she resisted though. But, as a female, I have to wonder what there is to hesitate about when asked to run off into the sunset with such a beautiful man?

But, on the side of things that do not please me, is the progression of Michael’s “mystery illness.”

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Kay Pea said...

Ohh ho I love this post! And that fact that you are back in a big way. Here's the thing...I actually liked Eagles and Angels. As far as typical Prison Break goes, it fit. And it was nice to see Sara's moment with the bartender. Well done.
however, this roland guy is sketchy. i wonder if he's in with the chinese as well...working for them secretly too. and i say that not just cuz he's asian and we all know that chinese gangsters can only work with other chinese gangsters but because he's sneaky even though he volunteered to help look for mahone's kid killer. all in all, i agree. a solid 6. maybe a 6.5