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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gossip Girl (6): Nate Pimped Himself Out!

Literally. I mean he actually took money in exchange for sex. From Blair’s new boyfriend’s step-mom! I am all flustered with shock and awe. And the little sad look on his face when he got off the phone with Vanessa was too much for me. He should have just let Chuck take care of things so that he could have gone and had Chinese food with Vanessa. (I was super excited that they graced the cover of my Entertainment Weekly on Saturday.)

Oh wait, and Blair knows that Nate is doin’ the Duchess. Catherine is in for a rude awakening if she thinks that she and Blair are square now. It seems pretty clear that Blair isn’t going to do anything to Nate. Even if she is disappointed in her former beau’s choices, she has bigger fish to fry. I love their amicable-but-defensive interaction, because it makes for an interesting contrast to Nate and Chuck’s blaze discussion of Chuck’s intentions towards Blair.

And anyone who has seen the preview for next week’s episode knows exactly what Chuck’s intentions are. So. Ridiculously. Hot.

Sorry, getting ahead of myself. It is kind of interesting the expression of the “best friend” relationships on this show. Serena and Blair hug each other when one has done something stupid. Chuck sells his club to save Nate from loosing his home. Of course, friendship is in both the day-to-day customs and the large gestures, I am not trying to say that on this show one gender is given a more realistic treatment than the other. Rather, I appreciate that these more human elements are not completely forsaken in the midst of all the sex and scandal.

But Dan is willing to forsake his introspection for sex. Is he a teenage boy by any chance? I couldn’t stop laughing about the fact that Serena just happened to be traveling with a box of chocolate dipped strawberries. Too funny. I give Dan and Serena two more episodes before their return to spits-ville. He will give into his happiness-crushing desire to over-analyze soon. So my question is, does Dan rise to jealousy the way everyone else does? When he sees Serena with a totally new guy will he discover his inner Chuck?

So glad Rufus isn’t going back out on tour. I adore the parent drama, and desperately need Lily back too.

(This post is out of control incoherent. Apologies. Like I said, flustered.)

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