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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gossip Girl (7): Just Like That…

Dan and Serena are back together? I call shenanigans. At least Dan had the decency to look ashamed when he was caught being a hypocritical bastard. I really wonder in his head how he justified righteous indignation at seeing Serena kissing Nate when Dan was hooking up with as many skirts as he could. It won’t last (and not simply because everyone knows that a new love interest for Serena has been cast). It can’t last because it was too easy for them to get back together.

And no I-survived-cancer-and-am-now-a-saint transformations for Grandma; I much prefer feisty old drunk bats, they are way more interesting.

I love that Jenny and Eric are friends again. They very much need each other (mostly to keep their characters from getting lost in the shuffle), and Jenny shouldn’t loose everything because of her wandering on the dark side. If her social networking prowess is any indication, she has learned how to get what she wants in the long run without becoming bitchzilla. Also, Eric might be the funniest character (“that look is not your friend” and runs away), and every good melodrama needs comic relief. (Hint hint One Tree Hill producers.)

Someone should suggest to Nate that Season Two of Veronica Mars might serve him well as a cautionary tale for where his extra-marital relationship is headed. That is since it didn’t seem to be enough to be tossed out a window in only your boxers and then almost hit by a car that your fake-girlfriend is riding in. (So funny.) But it is refreshing to see Nate being naughty. I like that he is a tad more levelheaded than the rest of them, but he shouldn't miss out on all the fun. In my heart I am still pulling for Nate and Vanessa, and it appears that Dan didn’t want her company over the summer, so maybe she will be inclined to give Nate another shot. Or maybe she won’t be so cool with him being all cougar-bait. (Or with that sweater. What was the deal with that?)

As interesting as all these other people are, let me get to the best reason to watch this show: Chuck and Blair! How fantastic was it when he called her BS flat out and then proceed to make dinner as uncomfortable as possible for everyone. (Again Eric: “How- well-do-you-know-Blair-Waldorf is kind of boring for people who know Blair Waldorf.”) His Lordship is obviously the product of aristocratic inbreeding since it took him so long to figure out that Blair was using him to make Chuck jealous. And Chuck jealous is a sight to behold. It brings out all his dastardly inclinations and it gives me chills (in the good way). I slammed my hands down on the table when he didn’t just grab her and kiss in their final scene. But I am not ready for Chuck to say, “I love you” to Blair, and she is obviously not ready to hear it if she can’t say it to him. I say bring on the battle for Blair, we should be in for some particularly juicy Chuck Bass scheming.

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