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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prison Break (8): Extra Points Because Sara is Alive!

The sap-tastic reunion of Michael and Sara made my heart just burst. (They have inspired a new Top 5 list.) I don’t care if it is completely ridiculous that they killed her and now have brought her back to life; I was devastated when she died and I am overjoyed that she is alive and with Michael again. Not that either of them are actually okay. Sara is obviously traumatized by her kidnapping and the torture she has subjected to, and Michael will feel guilty about that no matter what kind of “clean slate” bargains they make. Damaged isn’t dead, so I am happy.

All in all, based on the first two episodes I think that this could be a good season for Prison Break. My friend KP mentioned to me that the first episode felt kind of rushed, and I agree with her. In many ways it was mostly just getting the right characters into the right places without much importance as a individual episode. That said, it was paced well enough to keep me interested without being confused. I appreciated the little recap at the beginning of the first episode (and you know you are in for a treat when the first minute of a show has the word “avenge” in it); after three seasons of a very complex (or maybe just convoluted) show it gets tricky to orient yourself with the pertinent plot points. The main story arc seems much more focused, the way it was in the first season. Now instead of simply trying to save themselves from the Company, Michael and all are actively trying to face their collective enemy. On the other hand by having Michael’s tattoos removed (which I think is sad in the sense that he won’t have his shirt off as often as in the first season), it seems to be an acknowledgement that they can still produce a quality show that is not simply trying to chase the high of the first season.

I was completely shocked when Whistler was shot. I thought that they would keep him around a bit longer. I think it was a good choice to keep Gretchen. It will be interesting to see how her part plays out.

Considering that his wife and son were murdered I have had about enough of Linc’s animosity towards Mahone. It is tired. But for no reason that I can quite pinpoint, I still laugh every time someone reminds Linc that he was not the most upstanding of citizens even before he was framed for murder, as our new FBI friend did. (Side note: I always think of when he was on Friends when I see that guy.)

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

I'm not sure I'm a huge fan of new character Don Self (FBI agent) and I agree. Linc, to me, is just getting annoying at this point. Brooding in the corner and all that. And, do you really think mahone's family is dead? The continuation of Gretchen is phenomenal and should lead to some powerful Sara/gretchen scenes, in my opinion.

BUT...what did you think about Michael's nosebleed? I read somewhere that they are going to reveal that he has a "serious medical condition."

Asiankp said...

Oh TV girl, i ask these questions in the hopes of eliciting a response.

hahaha...kidding. just being a pain in the heart.

The TV Girl said...

And I respond when my pain subsides. Kidding!

I hope that Don turns out to be (shocker) an actual good guy. If he is just one more looks "like one thing but is really a quadruple agent" I am going to be annoyed. I liked his speech when they got off the plane and made them wear the ankle monitors. I thought it was funny.

I do think Mahone's family is dead, but really it only matters that he (and everyone else) thinks so, therefore Linc should stop being an ass. I mean, it just gets confusing because he hates him for killing his father, but daddy dearest walked out on Linc and Michael and they don't seem to have any good memories of him. It is thin to me.

I agree, the Gretchen/Sara scenes (and you know there will be some) should be really intense. Can't wait!

But yes, Michael's nosebleed. If my pretty, pretty boy is sick it will break my heart. Total waste of amazing genetics. Honestly, when I saw it I was kind of relieved, because it is about time that all of this stress have a consequence on Michael physically. If I had been through even a tenth of what he has I would have bleed out somewhere around mid-Season One. If they do this right it could help prevent the show from verging into 24-territory, where Jack Bauer is actually invincible.

Anything more you would like to ask about?

Asiankp said...

Ha. Thanks for indulging me. miss you.