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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Glee: I Actually Know Someone Who Lost a Thumb in a Shop Accident.

“Showmance” and “Acafellas”

I am going to spend the day with “Poison” stuck in my head aren’t I?

Maybe it’s worth it, since I couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous the Acafellas were, both line-ups. It is a toss-up which was more inappropriate: grown men forming a “boy-band” or the Glee Club performing “Push It” for a school assembly. Well, neither was really in good taste.

I don’t feel right saying how awesome their performance of “Gold Digger” was considering how, shall we say, inappropriate Kanye West has been over the last few days. It was, but I can say no more.

But there must be more Mercedes singing! “Bust Your Windows” was fantastic. And I really want her and Kurt to be friends again because they are non-romantically adorable.

Yay for Rachel standing up for herself and not letting Finn push her around (even if he would be doing so out of SHEER STUPUDITY and not malice)! Good for him for standing up to her too, but you have to respect the girl for sticking to her, slightly skewed, principles. She’ll relent as soon as Finn figures out how to look up “cliché” in the dictionary, but that may take a while.

Poor little Emma could take a lesson from Rachel. Just because you cannot have the guy you want, because he is inexplicably in love with his crazy of a wife, does not mean that you should hitch your wagon to the pot-smoking short-shorts wearing gym teacher. Especially since it is obvious even to the wife who you really want.

The crazy of a wife who is not really pregnant! What! I feel kind of sorry for Terry, grasping harpy that she is. Even if she manages to get pregnant, one assumes Will can count, so she is going to have to fess up at some point. At least she didn’t insist on buying the house after she found out she was having a hysterical pregnancy.

Speaking of hysterical, it is completely redundant to praise Jane Lynch but I just cannot help myself. I cannot think of any other actress working out there who could so perfectly deliver the line “it is my personal recommendation that these students be hobbled.” It sucks for Party Down to have lost her, but could Sue Sylvester be so deliciously evil played by someone else? I think not.

I do have a complaint, besides just how uncomfortable it was to watch a performance of “I Want to Sex You Up” for a PTA meeting. I think that it was wrong to have Victor Garber as a guest star and not have him sing. Come on, he plays Will’s dad, how is it not logical that Will’s talent is genetic! He better be back and he better sing, or else.

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Kay Pea said...

I have to say...I was a big fan of the show when I heard about it but after a few episodes, I'm not sure...its all over the place and its way preachy. I'll be honest the only reason I watch is for Jane Lynch and she is barely onscreen...this one may take a while.