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Monday, September 21, 2009

Supernatural: THERE WAS MUSIC!

“Good God, Y’all”

My Mom: “Demons…”
Me: “I don’t want to hear it. Leave me alone with my theologically questionable but amazingly wonderful show.”
My Mom: “I just think you should watch something more cheerful.”

Now, someone tell me, what wasn’t cheerful about Thursday’s episode? Oh, yeah, everything. But I did do some cheering, cheering about how kick-ass that episode was.

Jennie and I had an over-the-phone happy-dance that our show is awesome again.

First of all, I could not be happier that instead of dragging it out forever that the logical conclusion of God is not only being spoken out loud but also actually being pursued. Not that I am a huge fan of ridiculously obvious metaphor, but lets trace this one out. Castiel took Dean’s necklace (is there another word dudes use, I wouldn’t know) because it will “burn hot in the presence of God” therefore forcing Dean to give up the physical symbol of the I-understand-that-you-will-always-take-care-of-me relationship between him and his brother. (Of course this prepared us for the end of the episode and Sam going off on his own.) If this is so, doesn’t that mean that there is redemption out there for Sam, since he is the one who gave Dean the necklace. Isn’t it really that Sam is leading all of them to God?

A God who better fix Bobby!

Say what you will about it, but I think Castiel had every right to yell at Dean. End of the world and all, everyone is loosing something and being ripped a new one by a (sort of) angel might be just the thing to keep Dean from going back to all sorry for himself. And yay for Ellen for forcing him to rely on his instincts and his knowledge to figure out what was going on in the town manipulated by The Horseman War, but not actually possessed by any demons. Not that I am anything but distraught that Bobby is broken, but Dean and Sam went for two seasons without having to call Bobby every single episode, so you cannot be upset with me for being really excited that Dean and Sam have stopped being LAZY hunters, aka dumbasses.

And how cool was the answer? War speaking for itself? No one actually possessed? Social commentary on the Irish? BADASS!

Sorry, I will stop being excited. We all knew this was coming, we knew that there would be a moment when Sam and Dean would part ways, but did Dean have to make it so easy? No fight at all, to just let Sam go. I feel like I need to touch the Impala like Sam did before he got into someone’s car; say goodbye to what was. Don’t misunderstand, I know that this season is about bringing them back together, but they will never be the same.

I would add another cliché here and say “you cannot go backwards, only forwards” but that looked a whole lot like Jessica in the preview for the next episode.

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