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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sons of Anarchy: Who Will Crack First?

“Small Tears”

How is Tara possibly going to keep Gemma’s abduction a secret? Gemma’s reasoning to not tell Jax or Clay is fairly solid, since it was an attack on the club and therefore any form of retaliation, which her family would (and will) inevitably engage in, would in some way be giving the League the upper hand. But if there is ever a time to have a violent-prone family, this would be the time! And Gemma is enough of a tough bitch that she will hold onto her information, but Tara isn’t as calculating or battle-weary. She might be okay patching bullet wounds, but since she insisted that Jax be honest with her, her resolve will crumble soon.

But what will Jax resolve to do about Clay? In deciding to blame the Niners for Opie killing one of the Mayans, Jax has inadvertently created conflict between the two, and the League is exploiting this conflict. Jax couldn’t have possibly foreseen that consequence, but now he has put himself in a position where solidarity with Clay is necessary. And considering that Opie walked out into open gunfire, his “revenge” hasn’t really done any good. The good-of-the-one vs the-good-of-the-many might turn into the good-of-none.

Was that Tom Arnold as an icky porn guy? And did Jax make a Sopranos reference? Now, backing Luann will give the club a legitimate business, aiding Jax in his moves away from gunrunning, but I have to think that there may be some unforeseen problems involved in the “adult entertainment” industry.

Just a question, because there were no subtitles and I therefore am hoping I heard incorrectly, but did Tig say that he threw pregnant girlfriend out of a moving car and she was hit by oncoming traffic? I can only hope that I misunderstood.

What is impossible to misunderstand is how frakking cute baby Able is. Adorable.

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Kay Pea said...

I forsee Opie taking some massive revenge out on the club and Jax will have to choose between Opie and Clay. Also, I'm actually pleasantly surprised with Tara's character...she's come a long has Gemma for that matter. On a side note, porn is NEVER a good idea. And those neo-nazis are some creepy ass guys. also, i am digging adam arkin as the new villian.
And, sorry this is so rambling, I think Tig said that she fell out or got into an accident not that he pushed least i hope so.

Kay Pea said...

Another thing-not sure if you've seen these yet, but Modern Family is surprisingly decent, Cougartown sucks and Ken Jeong on Community might just be my new favorite supporting player although noone, noone can touch Jane Lynch on Glee.

Kay Pea said...

Where have you gone TV Girl?