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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Supernatural: It Will Be Ok Sam, I Promise.

“Sympathy With the Devil”

One of the best things about a new season of Supernatural: new title design. The blood= very very creepy and totally awesome.

But on the not awesome side of things, I put up with a lot from this show; the occasional truly terrible episode, close-ups of people eating (which as my younger brother can tell you bothers me almost more than anything on this earth), gory scenes of dismemberment, the odd acting anomaly that Emily refers to as “the Bateman voice.” But I do not feel that I have to put up with any more Dean and Sam having sex references, innuendos, jokes or otherwise. I get that it is supposed to be a gentle tribute/slight rebuke of those fans of the show who have taken things WAY too far, but the point is made. Show, please drop it. Fans, please stop. All of you are grossing me out.

Can I ask the nagging question? How did Bobby get possessed? Isn’t he the one who taught Sam and Dean how to protect themselves? Was he asleep or something? And how could they not tell that it wasn’t Bobby? As he said in the hospital, he would never ever say something like that to Sam. Obviously Dean accepted Bobby yelling at Sam because it is how he feels, but from all that Bobby said while they were trying to stop Sam from opening the last seal, Dean should have known something was up.

Even so, Dean is back! Real Dean who tells assholes where to stick it and refuses to be some pawn. And as much as it breaks my heart that Dean told Sam he couldn’t trust him anymore, that kind of honesty is the way he should be, neither secretive nor self-pitying. And giving hope to Bobby, as a gesture of appreciation for Bobby paralyzing himself to save him, is just the kind of foolish determination that makes Dean amazing. And who knew he had a GED?

The scenes involving Lucifer and his vessel were brilliantly done. The process of tragedy being turned into horror though mental manipulation was perfectly paced and incredibly sad. Lucifer has his vessel and Michael doesn’t, proving once again that rhetorical approach is everything.

In the spirit of honesty, I am just going to say it so that it is out there: who saved Dean and Sam from the convent, who cleared up Sam’s nasty blood addiction, who put Castiel all back together again? God. I will try to act surprised as this (painfully) slowly comes out this season.

Even though everything is as more frakked up and depressing than ever, I haven’t laughed so much during an episode of Supernatural as I did in the first half of this one in a long time. I shouldn’t have laughed so much when Chuck picked the tooth out of his hair, but come on, it was priceless.

The TV Girl


Rudesby said...

Batman voice! Not Bateman. :) Dean and Castiel seem to be having a competition to see who can best do the Batman voice Christian Bale uses in the role.

The TV Girl said...

Honestly, I even kind of hate Christian Bale doing the Batman voice, and he freaking is Batman!