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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Comment/Funny Story: NCIS

I usually don't watch NCIS when it airs, but every time I go on vacation I end up watching hours and hours of it in my hotel room. This has been happening quite a bit lately due to my funemployment-induced-traveling. Well, the last vacation I took was with my mom and my sister, and I won't say that my mom got hooked on NCIS, because she would never lower herself to do something so silly as actively follow a current TV show, BUT last night we finished dinner at exactly 8pm, and I said "I think I will watch the season premier of NCIS," and instead of the eye-rolling-while-leaving-the-room that I was expecting, SHE STAID TO WATCH THE WHOLE HOUR.

I don't know if she and I are forming some kind of new Tuesday tradition, but the only other shows of mine that she approves of are The Big Bang Theory and Psych, so this is kind of a big step for me and my mom.

The TV Girl


Kay Pea said...

Awesome. Reminds me a bit of my father and I. He never ceases to surprise me. Every time I come home, he has the exact shows I want to watch saved for me on the DVR.

On a side note, I desperately want to watch the SoA episodes but i'm afraid I'll have nightmares.

KayPea said...

Nevermind. Finally watched two episodes in a row. Its still as good as I thought it would be. I do enjoy SoA in a weird, twisted way.

The TV Girl said...

I love how you and your dad watch tv together!

I'm glad you watched SoA, because otherwise I don't know anyone who does. I think this season has been good so far. I don't want to say I "enjoy" it, because I don't know what kind of person that would make me, but I can't turn away. I have to find out if they actually make the t-shirt that Jax wore to the prison, because if they do, I want one.

Kay Pea said...

What did his t-shirt say?