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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gossip Girl (6.5): Are We Being Punished For Something?

I am officially pissed off at The C.W.

I mean that as a blanket statement for the entire network; I am disgusted with all of you. First Veronica Mars is cancelled, then more obnoxious reality programming is foisted off on viewers (anyone who is actually watching the show I am thinking of should be deeply deeply ashamed), then there was the season finale of Supernatural (but I am preparing a reevaluation of my post, to take into account comments and a few good nights sleep), and then, then after one, maybe two, little kisses Chuck and Blair are apart, again!

Network, what have we the viewers done to you?

I can only hope that at some point in the upcoming season, which we have to wait an entire summer for, we will get to know what took place during the conversation that led Rufus onto the road and Lily to become Mrs. Bart Bass.

But I also hope that she quickly becomes single again. Divorce, widowed, doesn’t matter to me. There needs to be some divine retribution for Bart ruining Chuck and Blair. Chuck admitted that he loves her, to Nate, who forgave him for everything because of said admission. He stood up and gave a toast that, if you knew what was going on, was a public declaration that he was going to make her realize that they belong together, and then he got to tell her that flat out. She was excited, and happy, and hopeful enough to convince Serena, Chuck’s un-fan, that the two of them are a good couple. And then instead of keeping his mouth shut and letting his son mature at his own pace, Bart expounds upon how love and a relationship turn you into a hen-pecked shell of yourself that you will not recognize. It is like the adult version of “there is a bogey-man under your bed” type story that you tell kids to make them behave: terrifying, destructive, and utterly irresponsible. Yes, the rational part of my brain is telling me that if Chuck was so easily deterred then he is not ready to be with Blair. But, my rational brain also assumes that as a successful businessman Bart would be able to properly evaluate his audience, and he should have known better than to say anything.

Also there is the little foursome known as Serena, Dan, Vanessa, and Nate.

Serena and Dan needed to break-up, and not because of the you-lied-so-I-cheated dynamic that was going on. Serena spent a year lying to family and friends about her actions and emotional conditions. Just free from that she was willing to start lying to herself about what Dan did or did not do with Georgina. She tried to go from one fearful state to another. That is not a healthy situation to put yourself in, and her willingness to do so highlighted the fact that she absorbed some of her mother’s neuroses about being alone. Being horrified at the prospect of loosing someone is not the same thing as loving them, and Serena should not be with anyone until she learns the difference.

And Dan needs to learn to not be a prat. “Most understanding person” my left foot.

The wonderfulness of Nate/Vanessa is already over? I get it, they both have prior emotional commitments and unfinished situations. There was so much potential in that relationship. Obviously from where the show started Nate/Serena has to be revisited at some point, so maybe it is better to do it early, so there was no lasting damage for Nate and Vanessa and they can get back together in the future. Vanessa has got to see that Nate is the better option at this point. I wanted to extra smack Dan when he rattled off all the possible reasons Nate and Vanessa parted ways, because he projected all his issues onto her and it was completely unfair. (I apologize to any Dan-fans who read this. In the beginning I like him, but for a while he has been driving me nuts.) It was especially unfair because Vanessa probably needed some understanding after having to endure the bile of Blair. I adore seeing all her scheming turned towards toppling a foe in the name of justice, (calling Georgina’s parents, genius!) but Blair needs to retract the claws when it comes to a girl who can actually look stunning in a bright orange dress shaped like an inverted tulip. Blair should show a little more respect for Vanessa.

Is Jenny still a character?

Well, this is probably one of the most successful season finales I have seen in a while. I mean that, because I need/want Season Two to start as soon as possible in order to sort all this out. This was not a matter of giant cliffhangers and shocking reveals (Gossip Girl saves that for the rest of the season), this was a matter of general wrong-ness that from the seeds of this episode will grow throughout the summer until I cannot take it anymore. At that point I think Season One will come out on DVD. Oh, the brilliant manipulation.

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