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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How I Met Your Mother (6): The Mystery Is Solved.

So Abbey (Britney Spears) was the woman badmouthing Barney all over town; it is always the one you never considered. Now that Barney has discovered this fact, slept with her again (and again), attempted to make Ted have an epiphany by pretending to be in a couple with her, fake proposing to her, and dumping her by redirecting her obsession towards Ted, I do not think we will be seeing Abbey again. Britney Spears does have the easy confidence of the regular HIMYM cast, but she was not too bad, especially during her bit with Barney. She displayed just the right amount of excessive-enthusiasm to make us believe she wouldn’t notice that the ring Barney gave her was made of candy.

And speaking of delusion, gay approval or not, Ted looked like the biggest tool in those red cowboy boots! There needs to be a new word for what Ted looked like. I kind of wish the patrons of the coffee shop had done more than scoff at his “pulling them off.” I wish they had pelted him with half-full paper cups, or banana-nut muffins. I haven’t seen feet so bright and ridiculous since I watched Sesame Street as a child, 20 years ago.

While personally Lily’s paintings also take me back to my childhood PBS days, I couldn’t be happier that she found an audience for her art. Producing two-dimensional dog pacifiers is much better than having to sell your wardrobe. And Marshall’s determination to support her even when it is not the most practical move makes him all the more endearing.

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