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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

One Tree Hill (4): I Could Have Done Without That.

I haven’t written about this show in a few weeks, but I have been (kind of) watching. That is the wonderful thing about a show where nothing really happens; you do not feel terrible when real life become more important than watching TV. But the brilliant marketing department sucked me in with the trailer for this episode, which showed Lucas/Peyton reunion time.

Instead of that, Peyton got (emotionally) smacked in the face. Over the long road of Lucas/Peyton both have made huge mistakes and done hurtful things, but telling her that he hates her and that returning to Tree Hill ruined his life takes the cake. Lucas has crossed the (angsty) line between understandable grieving for the end of a relationship and wallowing in self-pity. There is no excuse for jeopardizing his job and assaulting a player. Lashing out a Peyton was unnecessary and brutal. Brokenhearted or not, there is such a thing a handling your business with dignity.

But dignity is not what One Tree Hill excels at. The shameless is this show’s forte, a fine example of which is this “Dan needs a new heart” storyline. I kind of have to applaud the producers for going out of their way to point out that the plot is a metaphor. And Dan standing menacingly over the only patient higher on the donor list than himself, implying that Dan might "euthanize" him, had to be the most ludicrous scene in the history of this show. We get it; Dan is evil. We get it; a physical heart transplant is not a personality transplant. We get it; no one running this show has ever heard the phrase “overdone.”

But a possible rival in the ludicrous competition: the Skills/Deb hook-up. Gross. Gross. Milo Ventimiglia / Haden Panettiere gross.

P.S. I totally predict a love-connection between Brooke and the Baby-Surgeon (and that actor is so familiar, but I cannot remember who he is, and it is driving me nuts).

I am looking forward to next week’s season finale, because for me this show is like candy-corn: even though I know it is bad for me I cannot help myself, and eventually I get sick to my stomach.

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Asiankp said...

2 things. I love the candy corn metaphor. I love the Hayden/Milo grossness comparison. did I mention I heart you as well?

The TV Girl said...

I heart you too! You are too heart-able for words.