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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Office (6): My Prayers Were Not Answered.

Well, kind of.

I will admit that I am kind of a hoarder: some times I save up episodes of shows I enjoy so that I can watch them when I am having a really rotten day or need a pick-me-up. That is what I did with the last three episodes of this season of The Office, and even though everyone else saw the finale a week ago, my strategy is totally worth it for me. Today was the right day for some time in Scranton.

Since, no matter what is going on in my life at least I am not facing federal prosecution on charges of fraud. Oh how the lowly have fallen. Despite Ryan’s utter failure as an authority figure, and his newfound drug problem, I didn’t think that he would go so far as to hoodwink investors, but now that I think about it, it does make a lot of sense. Of course he lashed out at Jim for complaining about the web site because that would draw attention to what he was doing. Funny how we think people are just being tard-holes, but really they are engaging in criminal activity. Note to self; observe co-workers more closely.

Not that I want the kind of close observation that Phyllis got. Who knew all it would take for Dwight and Angela to get back together was her accepting a marriage proposal from another man. If Andy was slightly less ridiculous (even though he wouldn’t be nearly as funny) I would kind of feel sorry for him. He thinks that Angela is just completely cold, not that she is cold and still emotionally invested in another guy. She is apparently a bit confused about some of the Christian virtues, for instance fidelity, or honesty. Granted she cheated on a guy who has been carrying an engagement ring in his pocket for six years with a guy that owns a beet farm. Really, in this situation what would Jesus do?

Jim’s engagement ring for Pam stayed in his pocket and now Pam is disappointed. It sucks that Andy co-opted all of Jim’s planning, but it is kind of karmic, since Jim was planning to co-opt Toby’s going away party. Jim’s speech to Michael about how you should get to know someone before you tell him/her that you love him/her showed that Jim has to propose to Pam in the office; it has been the setting of their entire relationship (hopefully not in an Angela/Dwight way). But shouldn’t he propose on the roof of the building where they had their first “date” of grilled cheese? The big gestures don’t really work for Jim, like how he told her he loved her and kissed her, and she still remained engaged to Roy, so he should leave the extravagant public displays to the Andy’s of the world, make her a sandwich and ask her to marry him.

But will Michael ask Jan to marry him now that she is pregnant with some a random dude’s baby? This is what I am saying about my prayers being ignored: pregnant Jan is the Godzilla to Michael’s Tokyo and I simply do not think another human being should be subjected to what will happen to him if he tries to be all baby-daddy. (Minor problem: IVF is expensive, time-consuming, and usually requires someone to give you shots, so how did Michael not notice what she was up to? And if she got pregnant while they were still together why was she getting all drunkedy-drunk at the dinner party they threw?)

Jan’s pregnancy makes me wonder if Holly will be a character next season, or if it was only a guest spot for Amy Ryan. She was great by the way. She managed to treat Kevin “delicately” without making it look offensive or cartoonish. If she stays, I am starting a pool to decide how long it take Kevin to figure out that she thinks he is mentally handicapped.

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