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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Greek (5.5): If He Seems To Good To Be True…

No “possibly” “maybe” “probably” about it: he (simply) is.

Casey learned this sad lesson with the pre-med boy who kissed like Richard Gere in the preview of First Knight (okay that might be too obscure a reference, but Kathleen should get it). Evan didn’t have to send Calvin to sabotage her male prospects, because the males themselves did all the work.

Speaking of people shooting themselves in the feet, seems to me that Rebecca made a big mistake telling Cappie he would eventually have to choose between her and Casey. More than the fact that anyone with two brain cells to rub together can tell that he would/will pick Casey (wow, if he picks Rebecca I am going to be so embarrassed), this was not a bright move on Rebecca’s part because it makes her look like an immature shrew. Making the demand in the first place puts her in the position of being an undesirable option.

Undesirable could have been the tagline of the episode. Little Rusty has now experienced another first: first STD. What a wonderful display of the male ego; Rusty was convinced that she kept calling because she wanted to have sex with him that badly when really she wanted to tell him he had been exposed to crabs and shouldn’t be having sex with anyone.

The beginning (Cal and Michael, so cute) and ending (Evan, get over Casey!) of romantic relationships aside, here is the big question: is Cappie realizing that he and Evan are more successful as friends than as enemies? They are good enemies. But, Evan used his argument to win over the board and get the restrictions lifted, thereby structuring Cappie’s thought for an audience that doesn’t think like him. Evan needs someone in his life to show him how to be less of a drama queen (and therefore less of a binge-drinker). Like friends should, they (could and used to) compliment each other, helping each other be better versions of themselves. So am I seeing something not there, or is this feud about to be put to rest?

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