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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gossip Girl (7): Serena Deserves Better.

Dan is a moron.

There I said it, but I do not feel any better. I will try again.

Dan is an unbelievable moron.

For someone who spent so much time pining and longing for his dream girl, he turned away from her awfully easily. As she said, Dan put Serena up on a pedestal, so thinking she cheated on him, and knowing she has been keeping secrets, would be a difficult situation for him to process. But hooking up with Georgina is immensely hypocritical for a guy with such high standards. The fact that Georgina has been lying to him since he met her does not excuse him.

But really, Serena could not trust him anyway. She could not tell him what happened when Georgina’s “friend” overdosed and they both ran away. She told the people who own up to their own mistakes. Blair, Nate, and Chuck’s self-deprecating confessions (of already public sins) functioned as a perfect comic balance for Serena’s distraught evasiveness. The best of course was Chuck’s simple “I am Chuck Bass.” This kid cracks me up.

I am impressed by Serena’s “secret,” because when she started telling her story/Lilly started watching the video I expected a repeat of The O.C. Season Two finale when Marissa shot Trey, except that Serena would have been trying to fend off sexual assault. That was of course her reason for suggesting the coke, but in the end what happened was an accident. The distinctive circumstances of this storyline (Georgina’s culpability, Serena calling 911 and trying to save his life, the fact that she did not force anyone to do anything) have helped to different Gossip Girl from its creator’s previous show. That Serena has been suffering from circumstantial guilt rather than being genuinely responsible speeds up the resolution process, meaning that it is okay that her punishment was an exculpating conversation not actually shown.

Lilly’s improved parenting (you know actually listening to her child and helping her through a painful ordeal) completely merited a Rufus reunion reward. And since Dan is a moron, and Serena should not take him back anytime soon, there is no problem with Rufus and Lilly staying together. Yeah, I saw the preview too, and know that she is going to marry Bart (or at least it looks like she will), but a girl can hope, right?

By the way, Dan is a moron.

Oh, and Lisa Loeb. Totally sweet!

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