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Friday, March 14, 2008

Lipstick Jungle (5.5): Everything Is In Shambles.

Before I say anything else, even joking about some mythical Harry Potter prequel is utterly cruel to rabid fans such as myself. I became biased against this episode as soon as I found out that Wendy and Nico were going to Scotland to woo Ms. Rowling into handing over said book.

As mean as the Scotland trip was for HP fanatics, it was exorbitantly worse for Nico. Not the brightest idea to invite your lover on a business trip but how heartbreaking to hear your best friend say that you would be a bad mother. I have to question the logic of further alienating someone who is emotionally unfulfilled enough to have an affair. Of course you would be a disingenuous friend if you didn’t tell someone when he or she are doing something wrong, but to hurt them and insult them will only encourage them to continue doing the thing you thought was wrong in the first place. This is why interventions are planned and have coaches. I like that the episode ended with the Wendy/Nico fight unresolved. What they said to each other is more than a quick hug can take care of.

Do I have to give my post-modern ovaries back if I say that I think it is kind of sweet that Joe (Andrew McCarthy) bought Victory’s company? It verges on her having the status of a “kept woman,” but he had a rational business explanation and he just wanted to help her because he cares about her. This girl has the business sense of a past-due potato, so I am inclined to think that her rejection of Joe, when she found out that he was her investor, is just a really expensive hissy fit. The best way to prove you are an intelligent and mature woman is to understand you limitations and accept legitimate help when you legitimately need it. There is nothing wrong with crying when you have to make a tough choice, but there is something wrong with making a bad choice to prove an immature point. Allowing Joe to be her business partner, but moving out of his house would best serve Victory.

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