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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Info

I have never done a happy dance of joy this early in the morning, but there is a first time for everything, and this is totally worth it. While going through my morning routine (see post below) I found out that two of my favorite shows have been renewed for the 2008-2009 season. And those two shows are: Supernatural and Gossip Girl. The most despised show of evilness (otherwise known as Smallville) has also been renewed, along with two of my guilty (except that I do not feel this emotion) pleasures: One Tree Hill and America's Next Top Model. Announcing the Fall line-up (what got renewed, what is not coming back, what is new) is usually done circa late April/early May, but this year has been so ridiculously crazy anyway. So why not make good choices and make viewers aware of them? Make no mistake, the renewal of Supernatural and Gossip Girl are good, good, good choices. Another year with the Winchesters, another year with the Upper East Siders, what wonderful news in the morning.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

Gossip girl has some fan-frakin-tastic narration, wouldnt you agree?
was rob thomas a big battlestar galactica fan? i figured with all the references....

The TV Girl said...

Oh, the Gossip Girl narration. Even if this show was total and complete crap (and even with all its limitations, it is not) I would watch just to hear he narration.
As to Rob Thomas' BSG inclinations, I do not know for sure if he is a fan or just understands the cultural importance of it as a show (he is probably a fan, he makes good TV, why wouldn't he enjoy good TV). But I would wagger dollars to doughnuts The Big Leboweski is his favorite movie.

Asiankp said...

Yeah...definitely likes the Big L. ITs pretty funny to watch Veronica do her impressions of the Dude.
only 3 discs left in season 3 and then i'm done...i dont know what I'm going to do with myself when its over...

i suppose I could watch the pretender again....only took me 4 weeks to watch 4 seasons.

The TV Girl said...

Her impression is priceless. God's Speed with the last three discs. I do not doubt you will feel bereft, and I am not discouraging your devotion to the Pretender, but I am going to take your "..." as an opening to do my favorite thing: make suggestions!

Do you partake of the glory that is Battlestar Galactica? If not, now is the perfect time to get into it. Two full seasons are on DVD, the third is coming out in two weeks, and the final season premiers on April 4th. Kara is kind of super-damaged Veronica; totally kick-ass, sarcastic, but amazingly lovable. If this a direction you want to go in I can tell you more.