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Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Tree Hill (5): I Could Not Have Asked For More.

When it comes to crazy no one does it quite like One Tree Hill.

Karen came back, and with Andy! You have to be a longtime watcher of this show to remember Andy, Karen’s young boyfriend that it just didn’t work out with before she realized she was in love with Keith. It would have just broken my heart if Karen never moved beyond her grief for Keith, and I cannot imagine anyone more appropriate than Andy, the man Karen came out of romantic hibernation for in the first place.

But not so much a happy ending for Lucas and Lindsey, but that is the way it goes on soapy nighttime melodramas. I do have to wonder about the strength of a relationship when fiction is more informative than conversation. If I am learning anything from this show, it is to stay the heck away from writers, they are apparently always in love with someone other than who they say they are in love with. Skills’ analysis of the Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton situation might be the funniest scene ever to appear on this show. That boy is ridiculously funny and ridiculously underused. I would not leave my kids with him, but I would have him teach them deadpan commentary.

A professor of mine once asked my class to think about the ramifications of one person saying “I do” and the other person saying “I don’t.” Brooke dismissing Peyton’s concerns that it was Lindsey that called off the marriage seemed just too blasé. Peyton is right to be reluctant to run to Lucas immediately after his being left at the alter. It matters that he said yes and Lindsey said no, and I think it shows a minor bit of maturity on Peyton’s part that she pauses over the fact. She wanted to interrupt the wedding, but she does respect the enormity of marriage.

The lack of divorce talk in this episode tells me that Peyton is not the only one taking marriage seriously. I refuse to believe that Nathan and Haley are actually going to go through with the big D, especially with their nut job ex-nanny stealing their son.

Thank the high creator that Dan shaved! He is defiantly more threatening when he looks like he could be an upstanding citizen as opposed to looking like a caricature from a silent movie. I am not entirely convinced by the Dan-is-better-than-Nanny-Carrie ploy. She is obviously unbalanced, and could have genuinely hurt Jamie, but Dan is still a murdering bastard. I am not impressed that someone would put a child’s life in danger in an attempt to be a hero, and that is exactly what Dan did.

Brooke wants to have a baby? Wow.

The TV Girl


Asiankp said...

Wait...nanny carrie ran off with jamie? i've been quite out of the loop so it seems.

The TV Girl said...

She did, but Dan caught her and got him back. But it was bullshit!